Stephan Kaschner

Stephan Kaschner
  • Coordinaton 'Global Studies' and 'European Studies'
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    born in Eisenach/Germany

    2003 - 2010

    Study of Political Sciences, History and Journalism at the University of Leipzig

    2010 - Present

    Coordinator of the Master's Programme 'European Studies'

    Since 2011

    Honorary Managing Director of the Leipzig Centre of Competence on Central and Eastern Europe KOMOEL e.V.

    2014 - Present

    Coordinaton of the Master's Programme 'Global Studies'



    Jenny Alwart/Diana Joseph/Stephan Kaschner: Der Holocaust in Transnistrien (1941-1944). Unbekannte Gedenkorte europäischer Zeitgeschichte in Moldova und der Ukraine, Leipzig 2013.

    Current Course:


    Winter term 2014/15:  Approaches to the History of Europeanization (see moodle)