Johanna Wolf

Johanna Wolf
  • Lecturer
  • Curriculum Vitae 


    Born in Leipzig, Germany


    M.A. in Cultural Sciences and Musicology at the University of Leipzig


    Research Assistant (Coordination) of French Studies, Centre for French Studies at the University of Leipzig


     Research Assistant (Coordination) of the Master´s Programme European Studies, Global and European Studies Institute (GESI) at the University of Leipzig


    Research Assistant (Coordination) of the International Conference “Remembering World War II in Central and Eastern Europe”, Berlin, 1st–3rd July 2010 in cooperation with the European Network of Remembrance and Solidarity and the Federal Foreign Office Germany, GESI

    Since 2009

    Postgraduate student in International PhD Study Programme “Transnationalization and Regionalization from the 18th Century to the Present”, Research Academy Leipzig

    Since 2011

    Research Assistant (Mentor) of the StiL-Programme at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Philosophy, University of Leipzig

    Recent Main Publications 


    Troebst, Stefan; Wolf, Johanna (ed.) (2011): Erinnern an den Zweiten Weltkrieg. Mahnmale und Museen in Mittel- und Osteuropa. Schriften des Europäischen Netzwerks Erinnerung und Solidarität. 2. Vol. Leipzig. 

    Main Research Fields and List of Current Projects


    Social and Culture History 

    Global Labour History


    PhD project “Modern Times and Old Concepts. The Debates and Strategies of the West German Labour Movement during the Long 1970s”

    Since 2010       Member of the International Research Project “In the Same Boat? Shipbuilding and Ship Repaire Workers around the World: a Global Labour History (1950-2010) (LINK:

    Memberships and Functions


    Since 2011       PhD student representative “Transnationalization and Regionalization”

    Since 2011       Scholarshipholder of the Hans Boeckler Foundation 



    Winter term 2008

    Colloquium European Studies „Einführung in das wissenschaftliche Arbeiten im M.A. European Studies“, GESI