Antje Dietze

Antje Dietze
  • Research Fellow (CAS)
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    born in Leisnig, Germany


    studied Cultural Studies, Theatre Studies, and French and Francophone Civilisation at the University of Leipzig


    studied Theatre Studies at Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris through the EU student exchange programme ERASMUS


    Student and graduate assistant at the Institute of Theatre Studies of the University of Leipzig, assisting in the international university network, the symposium and the publication "Mind the Map! – History Is Not Given"


    PhD studies in the DFG research training group 1261 "Critical Junctures of Globalization"  


    Speaker of the PhD students in the board of directors of the doctorate programme “Critical Junctures of Globalization”

    Deputy Speaker of the PhD students in the directorate of the Graduate Centre Humanities and Social Sciences of the Research Academy Leipzig


    Graduate assistant in the research project „Globalizing Areas. Cultural Inflexions of Space and Time – A Challenge to the Humanities and Area Studies“ at the University of Leipzig

    Oct - Dec  2010

    PhD scholarship from the Free State of Saxony (Landesgraduiertenstipendium des Freistaates Sachsen)

    Jan - Mar 2012

    PhD studies at the Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi / India, funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

    since April 2012

    Postdoc position in the research training group “Critical Junctures of Globalization” at the Centre for Area Studies (CAS) of the University of Leipzig

    Recent Main Publications


    "Enter the Ghost, Exit the Ghost, Re-Enter the Ghost - A Performance of Potential (Mis)Readings of a Neo Rauch Painting," in Veronika Darian, Marina Gržinić, Günther Heeg, eds., Mind the Map! - History Is Not Given. A Critical Anthology Based on the Symposium (Frankfurt/Main: Revolver, 2006), 64-71.

    With Veronika Darian: "Legends of the Rise Or Some Notes About the Leipzig Hype." Published in Polish as: "Lipska przędzalnia. Legendy o powstaniu nowej szkoły lipskiej," Arteon, magazyn o sztuce, no. 5 (May 2006), 20-22. 

    "Sistem normalan, sve u fluksu – neke privremene beleške o rizičnom zadatku postavljanja tranzicije," "System Normal, All in Flux – Some Provisional Notes on the Risky Business of Staging Transitions," in Vojislav Klačar, Formiranje IX Vlade Kraljevine Korete / IX Government Constitution of the Kingdom of Koreta (Beograd / Belgrade: Vojislav Klačar, 2007), xi-xvi.


    "Tbilissi Revisited: Theater unter postsowjetischen Bedingungen. Ein Gespräch mit Mariam Iaschwili, Nicolas Landru und Günther Heeg," Theater der Zeit, no. 12 (December 2007), 38-40.

    "'Was geben Sie?' - Bewußtseinsräume und doppelter Boden in der Malerei Valérie Favres," "'Que donnez-vous?' - Champs de conscience et double jeu dans la peinture de Valérie Favre," "'What do you offer?' - Consciousness spaces and ambiguity in the painting of Valérie Favre," in Valérie Favre. Ed. by Monika Machnicki for Kunstverein Ulm e. V. (Bielefeld: Kerber, 2008), 13-35. Long version in German on


    "Katharina Grosse - Der Verrat der Bilder," "Katharina Grosse - The Treachery of Images," in Katharina Grosse. Shadowbox. Ed. by Cube Kunsthalle Berlin gGmbH for Temporäre Kunsthalle Berlin (Cologne: Walther König, 2009), 91-98.


    "Christoph Schlingensief's 'Rocky Dutschke, '68': A reassessment of activism in theatre," in Karen Jurs-Munby, Jerome Carroll, Steve Giles, eds., Postdramatic Theatre and the Political. International Perspectives on Contemporary Performance (London: Bloomsbury/Methuen Drama, forthcoming October 2013).

    Reviews in H-Soz-u-Kult, Comparativ,   


    Conference Papers and Workshops

    October 2005: Symposium “Mind the Map! - History Is Not Given” (Institute of Theater Studies

    of the University of Leipzig, Germany). Presented paper: “Enter the Ghost, Exit the Ghost, Re-Enter the Ghost - A Performance of Potential (Mis)Readings of a Neo Rauch Painting”


    September 2006: International Summer School for PhD students (Graduate Centre for Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Leipzig, Germany): Co-organization of the workshop “Transcultural Identities and Aesthetic Strategies: Critical Junctures as a Paradigm” Presented paper: “On Shaky Grounds. Recalling Transitions in Frank Castorf's ‘Dämonen’”


    March 2007: Georgian State University of Theatre and Film Shota Rustaveli, Tbilisi, Georgia. Lectures: “Dramaturgies of Transition. National Cultures, Cultural Entanglements and Aesthetic Strategies“; „Recalling Transitions. Frank Castorf staging Dostojewski“


    May 2008: Organization of the guest performance „III University Foundation in the Kingdom of Koreta”, hosted by the PhD Research Training Group 1261 „Critical Junctures of Globalization”, the Institute of Theatre Studies and the Institute for Art Education of the University of Leipzig, Germany, directed and performed by Vojislav Klačar and Vlatko Ilić from Belgrade/Serbia.


    October 2008: 9. International Conference of the Gesellschaft für Theaterwissenschaft „Orbis Pictus / Theatrum Mundi“ (Institute of Theatre Studies, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Netherlands). Presented paper: „‘Wir stehen doch alle selbst im Bild. Und vor allem: Wer hat es gemalt?’ – Selbstprovokation und Bilderkrisen im Theater Christoph Schlingensiefs“


    September 2011: Conference „Postdramatic Theatre as/or Political Theatre. Representation, Mediatisation and Advanced Capitalism“ (Institute of Germanic & Roman Studies, School of Advanced Study, University of London in cooperation with Lancaster University and University of Nottingham, UK). Presented paper: “Christoph Schlingensief’s Rocky Dutschke, ’68: A reassessment of activism in theatre”


    September 2012: International Summer School for PhD students (Graduate Centre for Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Leipzig, Germany). Panel organization (with Nadine Sieveking): „Institutionalising culture and the arts under conditions of globalisation, Part I: Cultural agendas in times of political transformation“ Presented paper: “Rebuilding a cultural metropolis? The reorganization of the Berlin theatre landscape after 1989“


    May 2013: Global History Workshop (DFG Research training group 1261 „Critical Junctures of Globalization“ & DFG research group 955 „Actors of Globalization“ at re:work, IGK Work and Human Lifecycle in Global History, Humboldt University Berlin, Germany). Presented paper: “Paving the way for show business. A transnational history of modern cultural entrepreneurs, 1880-1930”




    Main Research Fields and List of Current Projects


    PhD thesis: "Ambivalenzen des Übergangs. Funktions- und Traditionswandel der Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz in Berlin in den 1990er Jahren." 

    The dissertation analyzes the special contribution of artistic practice in the post-socialist transition in Germany after 1989. The study concentrates on the Volksbühne theater in East Berlin as a case study. Like all East-German state subsidized theaters, it faced several challenges in the transition process, above all those of surviving as an institution, finding new legitimation in a changed political context and adapting to the mechanisms of the cultural market. The Volksbühne became well-known not only for doing so very successfully, but also for addressing the social, political and cultural conflicts in post-unification Germany in a very provocative and aesthetically innovative way. Due to its semi-autonomous position in society and to specific aesthetic techniques of producing ambiguities and of modeling unresolved social and political problems, the Volksbühne could become a space integrating – but not at all harmonizing – very different kinds of social milieus, political views and high- and lowbrow cultures from Eastern and Western Germany.

    Dissertation directors: Matthias Middell, Hannes Siegrist. Institute for the Study of Culture, University of Leipzig, 2012. Publication in preparation.

    Postdoctoral research project: "Wegbereiter des Showgeschäfts. Eine transnationale Geschichte moderner Kulturunternehmer, 1880-1930." 



    Memberships and Functions 


    Postdoc position in the PhD research training group "Critical Junctures of Globalization" at the Centre for Area Studies (CAS) of the University of Leipzig





    Summer term 2006

    "Körper Ost/West. Archive der Erinnerung" (with Günther Heeg, Veronika Darian). Institute of Theatre Studies, University of Leipzig.

    Winter term 2006/07

    "Theater Republik Deutschland" (with Günther Heeg). Institute of Theatre Studies, University of Leipzig.

    Summer term 2007

    "Sex, Lies and Videotape. Medium und Medialität am Beispiel von Film und Theater" (with Micha Braun, Sophie Witt). Institute of Theatre Studies, University of Leipzig.

    Summer term 2008

    "Gebt mir ein Leitbild! Geschichte der Volksbühne 1992-2002" (with Carl Hegemann). University of Music and Theatre "Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy" Leipzig.

    Winter term 2012/13

    "Urban Culture and Globalization – From Cultural Capitals to Creative Cities." Global and European Studies Institute, University of Leipzig.