Sarah Ruth Sippel

Sarah Ruth Sippel
  • Senior Researcher (CAS)
    +49 341 97 37 891
  • Curriculum Vitae


    Born in Münster, Germany


    Study of Middle Eastern Studies and Philosophy, University of Leipzig (Germany) and Université de Provence (France)


    Magister Artium in Middle Eastern Studies and Philosophy at the University of Leipzig


    PhD-candidate in the postgraduate programme “Critical Junctures of Globalization” (funded by the German Research Foundation), University of Leipzig

    Since 2010

    Researcher at the Centre for Area Studies and the Collaborative Research Centre (SFB) 586 “Difference and Integration”, University of Leipzig

    Recent Main Publications

    “Resistance is futile”? – Zivilgesellschaft und Exportproduktion in Süd-Marokko. Diskussionspapiere des Fachbereichs Volkswirtschaft des Vorderen Orients an der Freien Universität Berlin, Diskussionspapier Nr. 108, Berlin 2010.

    Doreen Massey. In: Engel, Ulf & Middell, Matthias (eds.): Theoretiker der Globalisierung. Leipziger Universitätsverlag, Leipzig 2010.

    “On a commencé petit à petit”: Globalisierte Agrarproduktion und soziale Mobilität im Souss. In: Gertel, Jörg & Breuer, Ingo (eds.): Alltags-Mobilitäten: Aufbruch marokkanischer Lebenswelten. Transcript, Bielefeld 2011.

    Main Research Fields and List of Current Projects

    Critical Geography, Social Construction and Theorisation of Space
    Sociology of Agriculture, Global Agri-food Systems, Livelihood and Human Security

    Agency and Resistance, Global Justice

    Current Research Project: TNCs, NGOs and Consumers: New Power Structures and Solidarities within Global Commodity Chains

    Memberships and Functions

    Member, Rural Sociological Society

    Member, Australasian Agri-Food Research Network

    Member, Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft Vorderer Orient



    Summer term 2011   

    Seminar: “Space matters?”, GESI & Institute of Oriental Studies, University of Leipzig

    Seminar: “Zwischen Kontinuität und Wandel: Lebenswelten im ländlichen Marokko“, Institute of Oriental Studies, University of Leipzig


    Winter term 2009/10

    Seminar: “Empirische Sozialforschung”, Institute of Oriental Studies, University of Leipzig


    Summer term 2009

    Seminar: “Food Moves Around the World – But How and Why? Global Systems of Food Production and Consumption”, GESI & Institute of Oriental Studies, University of Leipzig