Kristin Seffer

Kristin Seffer
  • Senior Researcher (CAS)
    +49 341 97 37 887
  • Curriculum Vitae


    born in Pirna, Germany


    French Studies and Political Science


    Studies in Political Science, Economics and Sociology


    Research Assistant at the Chair of International Relations of Prof. Dr. emer. Hartmut Elsenhans (Department of Political Science/Universität Leipzig)


    Field Research Stay in Mexico (Mexico CityNuevo León and Oaxaca), Grant of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)


    PhD Student at the Graduate Centre Humanities and Social Sciences, Research Academy Leipzig; Programme: Transnationalization and Regionalization


    Research Associate at the Chair of International Relations of Prof. Dr. Heidrun Zinecker (Department of Political Science/Universität Leipzig)

    Since 2010

    Senior Researcher at the Centre for Area Studies, Universität Leipzig


    PhD in Political Science/ Universität Leipzig “Regime Hybridity in Mexico. The Impact of Clientelism on Transition and Political Regimes”

    Recent Main Publications

    Seffer, Kristin: Regime-Hybridity in Mexico. The Impact of Clientelism on Transition  and Political Regimes, Nomos, Baden-Baden (forthcoming 2012).

    Seffer, Kristin/Zinecker, Heidrun (eds.): Gewaltkriminalität in Zentralamerika. Formen, Ursachen, Einhegungsmöglichkeiten, Nomos, Baden-Baden 2010.

    Seffer, Kristin: “Política social en México después del ‚cambio’. El mantenimiento de estructuras no-democráticas”. In: Alcántara Sáez, Manuel/Hernández Norzagaray, Ernesto (eds.): México. El nuevo escenario político ante el bicentenario, Edición Universidad Salamanca, Salamanca 2009, 155-180.

    Main Research Fields and List of Current Projects

    Development theory

    Political regimes

    Transition theory

    International relations

    International organizations

    Latin America


    Current Research Project: "The Impact of Political Regime on International Organizations" at the Centre for Area Studies


    Current Seminars

    Winter 2011/2012

    Master Seminar „Illuminating the Black Box State in International Organizations“

    Bachelor Seminar „Internationale Organisationen und globale Krisen“


    Summer 2011

    Bachelor Seminar „Guerilla und Revolution in der Transitionsforschung“

    Winter 2010/2011

    Master Seminar “Staatsklasse oder Oligarchie? Die Entwicklung der Eliten Lateinamerikas seit dem 19. Jahrhundert”, University of Leipzig.

    Winter 2010/2011 and 2009/2010

    Research colloquium (replacement for Heidrun Zinecker) for PhD and Master students of political science (discussion of chapters, articles, conference papers of all participants), University of Leipzig.

    Summer 2010

    Bachelor Seminar “Transition und Transformation in Lateinamerika”, University of Leipzig.

    Winter 2009/2010

    Master Seminar “Mehr Demokratie durch Dezentralisierung in Lateinamerika?”, University of Leipzig.

    Summer 2009

    Bachelor Seminar „Demokratisierungs- und Transformationsprozesse in Lateinamerika“, University of Leipzig.

    Winter 2008/2009

    Master Seminar “Rent-based Economy or Neopatrimonial Regime?” University of Leipzig.