Elisabetta Porcu

Elisabetta Porcu
  • Senior Researcher (CAS)
    +49 341 97 37 889
  • Curriculum Vitae



    Laurea MA in European languages and literatures (German and English), University of Cagliari, Italy


    Post Graduate Diploma, Center of Buddhist Studies, K.J. Somaiya College, Mumbai, India (Buddhist Studies)


    Ph.D. in Religious Studies, University of Marburg, Germany


    Research Fellow, Otani University, Kyoto, Japan


    Visiting Scholar, Ryukoku University, Research Institute for Buddhist Culture, Kyoto


    Lecturer, Kyoto University for Foreign Studies, Kyoto, Japan


    Senior researcher at the Center for Area Studies, and lecturer at the Institutes of Religious Studies, Japan Studies and Global Studies, University of Leipzi

    Editorial Duties


    2011–present: Editor and Founding Editor, Journal of Religion in Japan (Brill)

    2008–2010: Assistant editor, Japanese Religions

    Recent Main Publication


    Pure Land Buddhism in Modern Japanese Culture. Leiden, Boston: Brill, 2008.

    “Staging Zen Buddhism: Image Creation in Contemporary Films” (under review, Contemporary Buddhism).

    “On- and Off-line Representations of Japanese Buddhism: Reflections on a Multifaceted Religious Tradition.” In Pacific World 32/1(2010 forthcoming).

    “ Glimpses of the Pure Land in Wartime Italy.” In The Pure Land ns 25 (forthcoming).

    “Speaking through the Media: Shin Buddhism, Popular Culture, and the Internet.” In The Social Dimension of Shin Buddhism, Ugo Dessì (ed.). Leiden, Boston: Brill (2010), pp. 209-239.

    “Anniversaries, Founders, Slogans, and Visual Media in Shin Buddhism.” In Japanese Religions 34/1 (2009): 53-73.

    “Jōdo Shinshū no gendaitekina hyōshō” (Modern Representations of Jōdo Shinshū). In Bukkyō Bunka Kenkyūjo Kiyō 47 (2008): 109-119.

    Main Research Fields and List of Current Projects


    Japanese Religions

    Pure Land Buddhism

    Religion, art, media and popular culture

    Current Project: Japanese Religions, Popular Culture and the Media in a Global Context

    Memberships and Functions


    2009– present: Member of Ryukoku University Translation Center, Ryukoku University, Kyoto

    2008-2010: Member of the editorial board of Japanese Religions

    2004–2010: Member of the editorial board of Science of Religion

    Member, JARS (Japanese Association for Religious Studies)

    Member, AAR (American Academy of Religion)

    Member, EAJS (European Association for Japanese Studies)

    Member, IASBS (International Association for Shin Buddhist Studies)


    Current Courses

    Women and Buddhism (East Asia and Beyond)

    Religion and Film


    Summer term 2011:

    Religion, Art and Culture in Modern Japan

    The Internet and Global Religious Communication

    Looking at the Interconnection between the Religious and the Secular in Japan (lecture within the lecture series “Säkularitäten und kulturelle Dynamik: Regionalwissenschaftliche Perspektiven”)

    Winter term 2010-2011:

    Visual Images, Popular Culture and Religions: Representing Japanese Religions in and through the Media

    Theses Supervision


    Supervisor: Ling-Tzu Yang, M.A. candidate, Global Studies Program, University of Leipzig. Title of thesis: “‘Reading’ Taiwanese Animation in a Global Context: A Comparative Analysis.” (2010-2011)

    Associate Supervisor: Alex Minchinton, Ph.D. candidate, Philosophy and Religious Studies, Latrobe University, Australia. Title of thesis: “The Poetic and Metaphysical Works of Harold Stewart: Reconsidering Harold Stewart in Light of His Later Works and Spiritual Life.” (2010-present)