Katja Naumann

Katja Naumann
  • Researcher (GWZO)
    +49 341 97 37 866
  • Curriculum Vitae (for full CV see here)



    born in Dresden (Germany)


    Study of History, Philosophy and Political Sciences at the University of Leipzig, with studies abroad at the University of Edinburgh and the University ofLeipzig


    Postgraduate student in the International PhD Program "Regionalisation and Transnationalisation from the 18th Century to the Present", Research Academy Leipzig


    Member of the Research Program "Representations of the Past. The Writing of National Histories in Europe, Team 3: National Histories and their Relationship with Regional, European and World Histories (European Science Foundation)


    Member of the Research Project "The Place of the 18th Century in Global History" (Tri-National Research Conferences, German Research Council) 


    Member of the Research Project "World History Writing and Area Studies in Europe and the US in Comparison (German Research Council Priority Project "Science, Politics and Society. Germany in International Contexts in the late 19th and 20th Centuries


    Guest Researcher with the Project Group "Pays Germaniques: Histoire, Culture, Philosophie" at the CNRS, Paris

    since 2008

    Researcher at the Centre for the History and Culture of East Central Europe (GWZO) at the University of Leipzig

    For further biographical information, see also her profile at the GWZO.


    Editorial Duties

    since 2004 Editor for the electronic journal history.transnational / H-Soz-u-Kult (Communications and Information Services for Historians)

    since 2003 Editorial assistant for COMPARATIV. Zeitschrift für Globalgeschichte und Vergleichende Gesellschaftsforschung

    Recent Main Publications

    Avenues and Confines of Globalizing the Past: UNESCO’s International Commission for a “Scientific and Cultural History of Mankind” (1952-1969), in: Madeleine Herren (ed.), Networks in Times of Transition. Toward a Transcultural History of International Organisations, Springer Verlag, forthcoming

    The Writing of World History in Europe from the Middle of the 19th century to the Present: Conceptual Renewal and Challenge to National Histories, in: Matthias Middell  (ed.), Transnational Challenges to National History Writing in Europe (= Palgrave Series "The Writing of National Histories in Europe"), Palgrave (with Matthias Middell), forthcoming

    Fresh Look from an old Place: (Re-)Writing World Histories in Europe, in: Douglas Northrop (ed.), A Companion on World History, Wiley Blackwell Publishing, in Press

    Gangstertaten, Stellungskriege und beherztes Improvisieren. Walter Markov und die internationalen Historikerkongresse, in: Matthias Middell (ed.), “Lust am Krimi”. Beiträge zu Werk und Wirkung Walter Markovs, Leipzig 2011, p. 87–127

    Weltgeschichte et histoire globale en Allemagne, in: Revue de l’Institut Francais d’Histoire en Allemagne (2010) 2, p. 247–284 (with Matthias Middell)

    Global History 2008–2010: Empirische Erträge, konzeptionelle Debatten, neue Synthesen, in: Comparativ 20 (2010) 6, p. 93–133 (with Matthias Middell)

    Mitreden über Weltgeschichte – die Beteiligung polnischer, tschechoslowakischer und ungarischer Historiker an der UNESCO ‘Scientific and Cultural History of Mankind’ (1952–1969), in: Comparativ 20 (2010) 1–2, p. 182–222.

    Global History and the Spatial Turn. From the Impact of Area Studies to the Study of Critical Junctures of Globalisation, in: Journal of Global History 5 (2010) 1, p. 149–170 (with Matthias Middell)

    (for the full list of publications see here)

    Main Research Fields and Current Projects

    - Internationalism and International Organizations (19th and 20th century)
    - History of Historiography, especially World History Writing, and Development of Area Studies
    - Social Radicalisation in the Global Age. Workers from the "Peripheries in the International Labour and Communist Organisations during the Interwar-Period

    - research project "The Participation of East Central European Societes in International Organisations"
    - research project: "Laboratorien curricularen Wandels: Weltgeschichte an den Universitäten Columbia, Chicago und Harvard, 1918–1968 /Laboratories for Curricular Change: World History at Columbia University, the University of Chicago, and Harvard University, 1918–1968"
    - coordination of the edition of the three-volume handbook "History of East Central Europe in Transnational Perspective)

    (for a list of presentations see here)



    Board Member of the European Network in Universal and Global History
    Bureau Member of the Network of World and Global History Organizations
    Member in the Verband der Historiker und Historikerinnen Deutschlands
    Member in the Gesellschaft für Universitäts- und Wissenschaftsgeschichte


    October–November 2006: Fellowship from the Special Collection Research Center (SCRC), University of Chicago for archival research

    June–July 2006 Travel Grant of the Erasmus Mundus M. A.-Program “Global Studies-A European Perspective” (Teacher Mobility Scheme) 

    October 2005-March 2006 Fellowship from the German Historical Institute, Washington for archival research

    June–August 2005 Travel Grant of the European Science Foundation, Research Project “Representations of the Past: The Writing of National Histories in Europe“ 

    April 2004–September 2008  (with rest periods) – Scholarship from the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung (dissertation stipend) 

    Organisational Experiences

    since 2009 Conceptualization and Supervision of the library collection of the Global and European Studies Institute, University of Leipzig

    Summer 2001 Workshop Series “Female Spirit and Academia. Empowerment the other way” (with Steffi Marung)

    April 2011 Spring School “Global History: Connected Histories or a History of Connections?“, co-organized with Roland Wenzelhuemer and -Antje Flüchter (University of Heidelberg) and Andreas Gestrich (German -Historical Institute, London)

    Oktober 2010 Workshop “The Partizipation of East Central Europeans in the Early International Organizations (1850–1918)”, Center for the History and Culture of East Central Europe (GWZO) at the University of Leipzig

    since 2005 Member of the Organizing Commmittee of the European Congress in World and Global History, hold by the European Network in Universal and Global History (ENIUGH) – congresses: 2005 (Leipzig), 2008 (Dresden), 2011 (London)


    Summer 2012
    Research Seminar "Spaces of Global Interaction", MA-Program "Global Studies", University of Leipzig
    Summer 2011

    Research Seminar "Transnational Entanglements in East Central Euro- pean History: Poland" (with Prof. Dr. Frank Hadler)

    Winter 2009/10
    Bloc Seminar "Die Konstruktion der Areas in den Area Studies (The Construction of Areas in Area Studies) as part of the Lecture Series ", Interdisziplinäre Regionalwissenschaften (Interdisciplinary Regional Studies), University Leipzig

    Winter 2007/08
    Lecture Course "Introduction to Global History", MA-Program "Global Studies", University of Leipzig; co-taught with Prof. Dr. Matthias Middell, Prof. Dr. Dominic Sachsenmaier (Duke University) and Prof. Dr. Jin Guangyao (Fudan University)

    Seminar "Imperial Histories", MA-Program "Global Studies", University of Leipzig (with Matthias Middell)

    Winter 2007
    Introductory Course "Global Studies 1 – Global History, Culture and Ideologies", BA-Program "Global Studies", University of California, Santa Barbara

    Winter 2004/05
    Seminar "Global Perspectives on the Past: Eric Hobsbawm’s Age of Extremes", MA-Program “Cultural Studies”, University of Leipzig