Geert Castryck

Geert Castryck
  • Senior Researcher (CAS)
    +49 341 97 37 889
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    born in Blankenberge, Belgium






    Study of History at Ghent University






    Study of Oriental Languages and Cultures (Arabic/Islam and Hebrw/Judaism) at Ghent University






    PhD in History at Ghent University with a Thesis on “Muslims in Usumbura (1897-1962): Social History of Islamic Communities of Bujumbura in the Colonial Era”






    Research and Teaching Assistant of African History at Ghent University






    Researcher at the Flemish Peace Institute, Brussels

    since 2010





    Senior Researcher at the Centre for Area Studies and Lecturer at the Institute of African Studies, University of Leipzig

    Recent Main Publications

    (2010): Whose History is History? Singularities and Dualities of the Public Debate on Belgian Colonialism. In: Mörsdorf Sven (ed.), Being a Historian: Opportunities and Responsibilities, Past and Present. CLIOHRES-ISHA Reader II. Pisa,, 2010, p. 1-18 [first published in: Lévai C. (ed.), Europe and the World in European Historiography. Pisa, Edizione Plus - EC Sixth Framework Network of Excellence, 2006, p. 71-88]
    (2009): Remembrance education in Flanders: an argument in favour of Holocaust remembrance, history teaching and peace education? Brussels, Flemish Peace Institute, 2009, 23p. [also in Dutch]
    (2007): Dialectique de l'historiographie des Béta-Israël. In: Friedman Daniel (dir.), Les Juifs d'Éthiopie: de Joseph Halévy à nos jours, un siècle de rencontres, 25 ans d'immigration massive. Paris, Editions du Nadir, 2007, p. 139-160 (Voix)
    (2006): The Hidden Agenda of Citizenship: African Citize
    nship in the face of the Modern Nation-State. In: Ellis S. G., Hálfdanarson G. & Isaacs A. K. (eds.), Citizenship in Historical Perspective. Pisa, Edizione Plus - EC Sixth Framework Network of Excellence, 2006, p. 189-202
    (2002): (editor, with Hein Vanhee & Luc François) Afrikaanse geschiedenis - Belgische traditie / Histoire africaine - Tradition belge / African History - Belgian Tradition. In: Belgisch Tijdschrift voor Nieuwste Geschiedenis, XXXII, 2002, 3-4, p. 303-567

    Main Research Fields and List of Current Projects

    African History (19th and 20th centuries) and its Methodology

    Islam in (East Central) Africa; Ethnic and Religious Minorities

    Colonial History, Imperialism and Hegemony

    Urban history, Border towns, Changing territorialities

    Remembrance, Commemoration and Collective Memory

    Current research project: The Infrapolitics of Leisure and Religion in East African Muslim Communities in the 20th Century

    Memberships and Functions

    Since 2011: European Research Group African History (aegis-CRG)

    Since 2001: Belgische Vereniging van Afrikanisten - Association belge des africanistes (Editor 2001-2009; Secretary 2008-2009)

    Since 1999: AVRUG, Africa Association - Ghent University

    1999-2006: IDOGA - Interdisciplinary Research Group Africa (2000-2006, integrated in GAP – Ghent Africa Platform)

    2005-2010: - EC Network of Excellence of the Sixth Framework Programme

    2000-2007: SOSTEJE - Society for the Study of Ethiopian Jewry

    Further information see complete CV


    Current Courses:

    Seminar: Africa in the 20th Century: History and Historiography of the African Great Lakes Region (see the course at moodle)
    Seminar: Social History of Africa: Labour and Movement (see the course at moodle)


    Summer Term 2011
    Lecture “Regional History of Africa since 1900: East-Africa”
    Seminar “Sources and Methods for African History and Culture”

    Winter Term 2010/11
    Seminar: Africa in the 20th Century: the State in Africa
    Seminar: Social History of Africa: Leisure and Society

    Summer Term 2010
    Lecture “Regional History of Africa since 1900: Central-Africa”
    Seminar “Sources and Methods for African History and Culture”

    1999-2006 (@ Ghent University)
    see complete CV