Claudia Baumann

Claudia Baumann
  • Coordinator MA and PhD Programme Global Studies: Peace and Security in Africa
    +49 (0) 341 97 30246
  • Curriculum Vitae



    B.A. in Management, Business and Admin

    EBC Hamburg/University of Sunderland, UK


    Intern Daimler AG, Stuttgart

    Corporate Strategy Passenger Cars


    Intern KPMG, Berlin

    Business Development


    Executive Assistant KPMG, Berlin

    Business Development


    Junior Advisor KPMG International, Brussels

    EU Business Development


    M.A. European Studies

    University of Leipzig


    Academic Programme Coordinator

    Erasmus Mundus Global Studies, Leipzig


    DFG PhD Research Training Group 1261 

    Critical Junctures of Globalization

    2014 - 


    Programme Coordinator

    Global Studies: Peace and Security in Africa

    2016 - 2017

    Pro-Doc Postdoktorandinnen Programm, Hochschule Koblenz, Gleichstellungsbüro

    2017 - Present

    Research Associate and Programme Coordinator: MA/PhD Global Studies with an emphasis on Peace and Security in Africa


    Universities as Portals of Globalization: Crossroads of Internalization and Area Studies. Editor, Leipzig 2014. Link here

    Recent Main Publications

    2012: "The Physician Shortage and the Role of Migration in the EU. Case Study Germany" ed. by Victoria Reinhardt and Valeriu Chicu in "Migration and Development in the Moldovan Health System", Moldova Institute, Leipzig

    2011: "The Higher Education Market in Ethopia 2011: An assessment for a joint master's program between the University of Addis Ababa and the University of Leipzig" Unpublished Internal Report for DAAD, 40p. 


    Fields of Research and Projects

    Universities as Portals of Globalization

    Internationalization and Area Studies

    Regional Focus on Ethiopia, India, and South Korea



    Summer Term 2017: Seminar: Transregional Perspectives on Universities in Africa and Europe at Leipzig University

    Winter Term 2014/2015, 2015/2016, 2016/2017: Tutorial: International Studies at Leipzig University

    Winter Term 2014/2015, 2015/2016: Seminar: Academic Writing and Methods for the Study of Globalization at Addis Ababa University

    Summer Term 2014: Workshop "How to write a Master Thesis" at Addis Ababa University

    Summer Term 2013: Seminar "Universities in a Global Age" at University of Wroclaw


    Conference Papers


    "The Regionalization of Higher Education and its Impact on Area Studies", X. International Summer School of the Graduate Centre Humanities and Social Sciences, Area Studies and Globalization, Leipzig, September 2012"

    "The Transnationalization of European Universities: The Global Outreach of Erasmus Mundus", Les Espaces Européens, 2. Sächsisch-Bretonisches Symposium "Global Challenges for Sustainable Development", Chemnitz, July 2011


    Book Reviews


    Shanthi Robertson: Transnational Student-Migrants and the State, Basingstoke 2013. Link here

    Marc Depaepe: Between Educationalization and Appropriation. Selected Writings on the History of Modern Educational Systems, Leuven 2012. Link here

    Michael Gehler: Europa. Ideen - Institutionen - Vereinigungen, München 2010. Link here

    Kerstin Buchinger u.a. (Hrsg.): Europäische Erinnerungsräume, Frankfurt 2009. Link here

    Gracia Liu-Farrer: Labour Migration from China to Japan. International Students, Transnational Migrants, London 2011. Link here

    Enrique Fernández Darraz: Hochschulprivatisierung und akademische Freiheit: Jenseits von Markt und Staat: Hochschulen in der Weltgesellschaft, Bielefeld 2010. Link here