Remembering Communism: Methodological and Practical Issues of Approaching the Recent Past in Eastern Europe

Dimou, Augusta

The general goal of this interdisciplinary and international project is to lay the foundations for a comparative study on the processes of remembering Communism. It aims at creating an elaborate and widely accessible database. This database is supposed to serve as a basis for and promote further comparative study within the whole area where the processes of remembering Communism are relevant. The project has a comparative research component between two relatively understudied core cases – Bulgaria and Romania – and two control groups – the relatively better studied cases of Poland and the German Democratic Republic. The project by Augusta Dimou (Institute of Slavonic Studies) was funded by Volkswagen Foundation and has been successfully completed in 2009. The heads of the project were Stefan Troebst and Maria Todorova (professor of history at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA).