Labour as a Topic of Area Studies in Spain and the US

Loschke, Torsten

In the context of a comprehensive analysis of the history of regional studies in different parts of Europe and the USA, this project examines studies on the working world, the labour movement and labour migration that have been conducted in North America and Spain in the course of the 20th century in the field of area studies. Specific intellectual and organizational constellations of the regional studies discipline, which is focused mainly on Latin America, will firstly be gathered in the form of a literature report and will then be presented in the form of an analytical study. The PhD project by Torsten Loschke was funded from 2009–2010 by the DFG Priority Programme “History of Science”, and an archive grant from the Rockefeller Archive Center, Sleepy Hollow, NY, USA in 2010. The supervisor is Matthias Middell.