The International Student Mobility as a Temporal Migration and Linkage between Transnational Communities: The Study of Germany and Mexico

Pedregal, Rafael

The project analyses student mobility between Mexico and Germany, considering the importance of the relationship between both countries, as a way of temporal migration, which has also pull and push factors, and generates “transnational communities”. The study will focus on the difficulties and the facilities that produce this student mobility and discover how student mobility can be increased to an extent that it corresponds to the political and economic situation between Mexico and Germany. Thus, the project contributes to the analysis of processes of transnationalization of universities worldwide being perceived, encouraged and/or hindered in various ways. From the quantitative study of figures, this project will go on to the more qualitative study on how students’ mobility contributes to the formation of transnational spaces. The PhD project by Rafael Pedregal is funded by a postgraduate studies scholarship of the National Council on Science and Technology (CONACYT) of Mexico and will be continued in 2011. It is supervised by Matthias Middell.