Possibilities and Limits for Spatial Governance of Private Actors in Rio de Janeiro

Freier, Alexander

The PhD project investigates the emergence of differentiated security strategies of international companies in Rio de Janeiro. Over the past years, the eruption of violence has become an obstacle to economic competitiveness for the metropolitan region. With the aim of creating relative security for economic activities, companies in the “high crime area” of Rio more frequently resort to security strategies that comprise technological innovations (CCTV) for the immediate security of their facilities, special protective measures for employees and clients outside the facilities, and cooperation with governmental and non-governmental institutions. Those strategies will be examined in detail. Special importance shall be attached to the privatization of security, as genuine governmental responsibilities are more and more often being taken over by private security organizations. As a consequence, international companies and their need for security contribute to the emergence of new and institutionalized forms of security. The PhD project by Alexander Freier is funded by the German Research Foundation Research Training Group (GK 1261): “Critical Junctures of Globalization” and will be continued in 2011. The supervisor of the research project is Ulf Engel.