Latin American Immigration and the Construction of National Identity in Contemporary Spain

Rubio, Felipe

This project pursues research in the field of nationalism, hybridism and international immigration. It discusses and analyses in depth the profound transformations that are occurring within Spain as a nation-state as well as with Spanish nationalism as a result of new waves of immigration. It plans to discuss the concepts and constructions of national identity, citizenship, and immigration focusing on the relationships between Latin Americans in Spain within the context of Transnationalization from the 18th century to the present. The main idea is to research what constitutes ‘Spanish’ identity and how immigrants – specifically Latin Americans – contribute to a (re)definition of culture, politics, and identity through the more constant inter-relations between people’s that share a common space. The investigation by Felipe Rubio, which is to be continued in 2011, will be completed with a PhD thesis and is supervised by Matthias Middell.