Comparative South-South-Regionalisms in South America and Southern Africa

Mattheis, Frank

In his PhD project, Frank Mattheis analyses a problem that, surprisingly, has received far too little attention in research: a comparison of current regional integration efforts in Latin America and Southern Africa. The study is based on a twofold comparative research design: the intraregional comparison between SADC and MERCOSUR and the diachronic comparison within the case studies. On the theoretical level, the thesis forms part of the research on the “new regionalisms” – a research area that still lacks a broad base of empirical evidence, which would be essential for hypothesis testing. The comparison has an ambitious research design, both on the methodological level and on the practical level, regarding the research effort that is necessary for the reconstruction of the empiricism. The field studies in Southern Africa and Latin America are now largely completed. The PhD project is supervised by Ulf Engel and Heidrun Zinecker (professor at the Institute of Political Science). Frank Mattheis is associated with the Research Training Group (GK 1261): “Critical Junctures of Globalization” funded by the German Research Foundation and his thesis is to be submitted in 2011.