Universities in a Globalizing World – The Case of Stellenbosch University

Baumert, Stefanie

This dissertation project has three objectives: It firstly wants to contribute to a systematization of knowledge about higher education in a global context, how globalization influences systems and institutions of higher education as well as the production and circulation of knowledge. It secondly wants to develop a better understanding of developments in South African higher education since 1990, and in particular how these developments have been shaped under the influence of processes of globalization after the end of apartheid. Thirdly, with the help of a case study, the Stellenbosch University in South Africa, it aims at investigating how the phenomena of globalization and transnationalization are perceived and interpreted by an individual South African university and its members, as well as how and to what extent these perceptions are being translated into strategies of change management. The study will be looking at the dynamics resulting from processes of national transformation, transnationalization and globalization, thereby also contributing to a description of the institutional history of Stellenbosch University. By focusing on these aspects, the study aims to make a contribution to a better theoretical and empirical understanding of the concepts internationalization and transnationalization in higher education being widely understood as reactions to the challenges of globalization. The supervisor of the PhD project by Stefanie Baumert is Matthias Middell.