Identity as strategy. How states market themselves at a global level

Renault, Marina

The global network of media has become an important tool for projects of identity construction. The research project focuses on the forms of presentation used by states advertising themselves abroad in order to foster economic growth through investments, tourism and the expansion of trade relations. By analyzing these advertising forms, the project aims to clarify how countries make use of narratives and representations in order to connect to local realities and sharpen their own profile, and (in the case of European countries) to ask if they strive for a European identity. To this end, advertising of countries in different stages of development and on different continents is analyzed in a comparative way by techniques of semiotic analysis, content analysis, analysis of utterances and analysis of still images.

The PhD project by Marina Renault is funded by a doctoral sponsorship of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung and will continue in 2011. Supervisor is Matthias Middell.