Actors of (post-)Soviet territorial conflicts. Separatist movements in the Dniester Region and the Crimea compared (1989-1995)

Zofka, Jan

The socio-historical project explores the social background and the functionality of collective actors in territorial conflicts during the decay of the Soviet Union and its aftermath. It compares pro-Russian movements in the Ukrainian Crimean peninsula and in the Dniester region in Eastern Moldova. Aim of the project is to understand and conceptualise territorial conflict at the end of Soviet state-socialism beyond images of culturally determined “ethnic” conflict.

Project coordinator and research assistant is the historian Jan Zofka. Project leader is the historian Stefan Troebst, professor of East European Cultural Studies at Leipzig University. The socio-historical project is financed by the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft – DFG) and is going to run for two years from august 2010 to august 2012.