The 18th Century in a Global Perspective

Middell, Matthias

In the current debate on a new global history, the 18th century seems to escape notice between the approaches that trace back to the beginnings of globalization to the late 15th century and the ones that assume this change occurred in the mid-19th century. By taking the results of three international conferences as a starting point, this research project aims at working against that trend and developing a description of global interconnections in the 18th century, such as communicative and global economic connections; the meaning of the discoveries for the European world view; the struggle for hegemony between France and England; and the role of China, Japan and Latin America in world trade and slave trade. The project was funded by the DFG, the CNRS and has been completed successfully in 2011 with the publication of main results. The head of the project was Matthias Middell.