Work Packages

WP 1. Sustainable Capacity Building at QA offices

WP Leader Girona University

  • Strengthening of QA offices, equipping and nominating of staff
  • Develop and conduct trainings for QA officers and acad. staff, train the trainers
  • Establish QA peer-networks
  • Study trip to  Roskilde

WP 2. Empowerment of students in QA processes

WP Leader – National Unions of Students in Europe

  • Trainings on QA for students representatives
  • Seminar on the role of students in QA
  • Creation of a web database of the trained students

WP 3. Internal QA processes

WP Leader – World University Services WUS-Austria

  • Seminar “EU experience in self and external evaluation“
  • Development of guidelines for self- and external evaluation
  • Institutional self-evaluation

WP 4. Accreditation of 3 selected study programs

WP Leader – Agency of Quality Assurance through Accreditation of Study Programmes

  • Workshop on accreditation
  • Selection criteria for admittance to international accreditation
  • International accreditation of selected study programs

WP 5. From Quality Assurance to Strategy Development

WP Leader – University of Leipzig

  • Establishing of strategy development teams at Moldovan HEI
  • Seminar “EU experience in the QA Development of HEI”
  • Strategies Development and adoption of HEI strategies at Moldovan HEI
  • Conference “From QA to Strategy Development“

WP 6. Quality and Monitoring

WP leader – Centrum für Hochschulentwicklung CHE Consult

  • Development of Quality Policy Document
  • Development of Quality Work Plan
  • Development of Individual Quality Monitoring Tools
  • Continuous assessment of QUAEM progress on three levels
  • Delivery monitor

WP 7. Dissemination

WP Leader – NRCM

  • QA Website
  • QUAEM Newsletter
  • Conference “The Future of QA in Moldova“

WP 8. Sustainability

WP Leader – TUM

  • Official Statement on the Role of Students in QA
  • HEI commitment to regular internal audit
  • Documentation for the RoM Agency for Accreditation
  • Testimony letters on sustainable QA at Moldovan HEI

WP 9. Project management

WP Leader – UL

  • Project management and coordination
  • Consortium meetings
  • Reporting to EACEA