Key Activities

Kick-off meeting, Dec. 2012

Workshops for QA officers and academic staff

Three rounds of training based on a qualification course developed by the EU partners, tailored to the specific needs of QA officers in Moldova, including a “train-the-trainer” component

First workshop, May 2013

Second workshop, Aug. 2013

Third workshop, Oct. 2013

Training on QA for students’ representatives, Sept. 2013

A four-day training in Chisinau with the participation of 60 student representatives from 27 universities and from the national union of students of Moldova, based on peer learning methods; the trainers are also students with knowledge and experience in QA in HE, coming from ESU

Seminar “The role of students in QA”

A two-day seminar about the involvement of students in the QA of HE in Moldova, with 27 persons involved in the QA management and 30 students from Moldovan universities

Study trip to Roskilde, Nov. 2013

A study trip complementing the training process and providing a hands-on example of how institutional QA systems are being run in a EU country

Workshop on accreditation, Feb. 2014

A workshop offered by AQAS for the six HEI members of the Consortium and the two state ministries on the criteria, the procedure and the typical problems of international study program accreditations

Seminar “EU experience in self and external evaluation,” April 2014

A seminar held in Bucharest organized for representatives of 27 Moldovan state and private HEI focusing on upcoming challenges and the specific roles of students, teaching staff, management and administrative staff in internal QA processes

International accreditation of four pilot study programs

By the end of February 2014, the six Moldovan partner universities each submitted three applications. The Consortium’s selection committee, consisting of representatives of AQAS, CHE Consult, the University of Leipzig, and the Ministry of Education of Moldova, selected four programs for the international accreditation process: Electromechanics at the Technical University of Moldova, History at the State University of Moldova, and Mathematics and Computer Sciences at Tiraspol University, and Mathematics and Informatics at Balti State University. The accreditation processes are currently in progress. The other 14 study programs that could not be selected for international accreditation will be prepared for accreditation on the national level by the Moldovan universities.

Seminar “EU Expertise in the QA Development of HEI”

A three-day seminar enabling the SDT and their HEI management representatives to get acquainted to EU “best practices” in planning and developing modern university strategies by exchanging experiences and know-how with the EU experts; the seminar will include a session on “Quality Assurance and Internationalization of HEI”

Conference “From QA to Strategy Development“

A two-days conference in Chisinau to present and promote the new modern strategies developed by SDTs, after being officially adopted by all the HEI

Conference “The Future of QA in Moldova“

At the final conference the final project results will be presented and the project materials will be disseminated to all the relevant stakeholders in the Republic of Moldova; an award graduation ceremony