The research done at the GESI is published widely. The institute itself offers four book series, each of them edited by a group of superb scholars.

1. Global History and International Studies focuses on analyses integrating historical and social sciences approaches towards processes, phenomena and actors transcending national and continental borders. In particular it assembles findings from studies on critical junctures and portals of globalization as well as on global moments.

2. Transfer - Die Deutsch-Französische Kulurbibliothek offers insights into the transnational and intercultural history since the 18th century by publishing evidence of the entangled histories of France and Germany. After all they are a promising point of departure for the investigation of cultural transfers and appropriations on worldwide scale and with a global horizon – an interest the GESI follows collectively with partner institutions in Europe, Africa and the United States.

3. Geschichtswissenschaft und Geschichtskultur im 20. Jahrhundert is devoted to the history of historiography, the development of academia during the 20th century, and the public use of history. Special attention is given to historicizations of world regional studies, being the grounds for reflexive area and global studies.

4. Transnationale Geschichte is published by Vandenhoeck&Ruprecht in Göttingen and edited by Michael Geyer (Chicago) and Matthias Middell (Leipzig). The new series offers a framework for contributions to the fast growing field of transnational history and brings together studies on Europeanization and border crossing processes in other parts of the world.


We invite you to explore the contributions of the series and will be of assistance when titles you are interested in are out of order and not available in a library close by. In that case please contact either you contact the institute or our main publisher, the Leipziger Universitätsverlag.

Studies currently undertaken by members of the GESI are mirrored in the GESI Working Paper Series,  which aims at presenting research in the making.

The GESI hosts the editorial board of Comparativ. Zeitschrift für Globalgeschichte und Vergleichende  Gesellschaftsforschung (founded in 1991), which is among the leading journals in the field of world and global history, aside of the Journal of World History and the Journal of Global History.

The electronic complementary of Comparativ is the online forum geschichte.transnational, in existence since 2004, and with its 6000 subscribers one of the most vivid platforms of exchange and announcement of the latest news in historizing the nation by exploring the processes, driving forces and actors that transcended it.

The GESI serves also as the headquarters of H-Soz-u-Kult Leipzig, that comprises editors who give attention to world regions in history and that is a branch of the overall electronic platform which provides for communication among scholars from the historical sciences.