University of Leipzig Alumna is looking for chocolate lovers!

After having finished her degree in Global Studies at the University of Leipzig, Julia has started working in a social start-up called "fairafric" producing chocolate completely in Ghana. Why? Because increasing Ghana's share in the value chain in the chocolate industry means more local income for the country in which cocoa actually grows. By producing in Ghana, fairafric creates middle-income jobs and facilitates a true partnership between the Global North and the Global South. What's more, the seven varieties of chocolate taste incredibly good!

With its third crowdfunding campaign, fairafric wants to make the cocoa farmers co-owners of the company. On top of that the packaging shall be optimized and the chocolate become carbon-neutral.
Help Julia and fairafric make the world a better place – bar by bar!

For questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with Julia or klick here.