Post-doc and PhD positions at Goldsmiths in relation to Topological Atlas project with application deadline October 3rd

The PhDs are part of a European Research Council funded project, Topological Atlas: Mapping Contemporary Borderscapes (TopATLAS). The project  is focused on the investigation of border sites across three countries: Pakistan, Turkey and UK. It involves working with researchers from all three countries, as well as with a range of collaborators including NGOs, lawyers, artists and arts organisations.

The person appointed will have the opportunity to work creatively and in close collaboration with an interdisciplinary team of senior and post-doctoral researchers.

For further information on the project, please click here and here.

You can apply here. Deadline is October 3rd, 2018.

For further information on the Research Fellow positions (Legal Geography and Digital Design), please click here and here.

Same application deadline applies.