Call for Application: Student Assistants for the Research Program "Critical Junctures of Globalization"

The postgraduate programme „Critical Junctures of Globalisation“ is currently advertising financial awards for research students.

The research assistantships will be on a part-time basis (10 hours per week).  The Program is seeking six research assistants for employment from 01.10.2012 to 31.03.2012.


- above average results on your BA degree 

- above average grades during your first year of Master level studies

All research support students will participate in courses (main topics of the GK and programs facilitating key skills, e.g. scientific writing). It is required for all support students to prepare an individual and detailed report of future scientific intention at the end of the con- tract.

Additionally, successful applicants are required to fulfill certain tasks concerning support of research projects, preparation of conferences as well as assisting visiting scholars, all in the scope of the postgraduate programme.

Please submit your application (including CV plus short overview of individual future research idea with approx. 300 words) by email before 19.08.2012 to:


For more detailed information, please see the documents below in English and German.