Guest Lecture: "'Figures of Invention': The Patent History of Image Transmission"

As part of the Master Class Parallaxen des Wissen, Parallaxes of Knowledge, by Prof. Dr. Christian Kassung (Humboldt University Berlin) a lecture will be presented entitled "'Figures of Invention': The Patent History of an Image Transfer System."

The wirephoto is a forgotten medium. If mentioned at all, it is mostly presented as an unreliable and unprofitable precursor to fax and television, and as such shares the same fate as other media that do not belong to the winners of teleological histographies.
Prof. Kassung's lecture will embed telephotography as an analogue/digital hybrid medium in a history of knowledge in the second half of the 19th century via analyzing historical patent specifications.

For more information on Prof. Kassung?s talk and the Master Class, consult the PDF files.