Guest Lecture: The Ethnography of the Unknowable: Public Opinion and the Pursuit of Cultural Justice

The Leibnitz Institüt is hosting Ronald Niezen of Montréal Canada as a part of their lecture series Difference+Integration.

The ethnographic method in anthropology is founded on an ideal of long-term observation and interaction, getting to know a community intimately through face-to-face dialogue, together with sustained close attention to the details of everyday life. But the dynamics of cultural identity formation now include the influence of abstract, impersonal, unpredictable “publics.” The processes by which distinct people define who they are, above all the ways they articulate and defend their collective rights and shape and represent their essential attributes, are now often negotiated and “mediated” (literally and figuratively) in collaboration with distant consumers of rights and culture.

For more information please see the link below containing a useful PDF.