Guest Lecture: Urban Regimes and ‘Gray Spacing’: Between Privatizing Democracy and ‘Creeping Apartheid’

The Leibnitz Institüt will be hosting Oren Yiftachel from Beerscheba, Israel as a part of its Difference+Integration series.

The lecture analyzes the impact of structural economic, identity and governance tensions on urban regimes. It draws attention to the pervasive emergence of 'gray spaces'; that is, informal, temporary or illegal developments, transactions and populations. 'Gray-spacing' has become a central strategy to manage the unwanted/irremovable, putting in train a process of 'creeping urban apartheid'. These tensions and trends will be illustrated by highlighting research findings from cities around Europe, Africa and Asia, with special focus on the 'ethnocratic' cities of Israel/Palestine.

For more information please see the link below containing a useful PDF.