Past Years' Master's Theses

 “The Gender-Extremism-Nexus: An Analysis of Gender Inequality as an Indicator for the Occurrence of Violent Extremism” by Sarah Sinnreich

“Boko Haram's spatial intentions and dimensions” by Annika Schwendemann


“Countering Violent Extremism: The Response to Boko Haram in West Africa” by Mato Christian Duncan

“Reconciliation of Human Rights with State Security in Irregular Migration: Case of Ethiopian Migrants to South Africa” by Yemsrach Kebede Chane

“The role of African Civil Society Organizations in the Continental Early Warning System” by Abebaw Tezera Zerihun

“The African Union Peace and Security Council and the UN Security Council in African Security: competing or complementary logics?” by Feben Makonnen Semu

“A Study of Two Early Warning and Response Mechanisms: The Case of the 2013 South Sudan Civil War” by Miriam Ferraresi Mario

“Securitization of Infectious Diseases:  A critical Analysis of Global and Regional Responses to the 2014 Ebola Outbreak in West Africa” by Tatenda Probert Malan

“Protection of Civilians Under African Union Peacekeeping Operation” by Seblewongel Beyene Balcha

“Patterns of Local, Regional and Global Conflict in Africa: A critical Assessment of Mali Conflict at its Height (2012-2013)” by Kodjo Tchioffo

“Conflicting National Interest on the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam” by Hanna Gebrekristos Kidanemariam

 “Peace and Security Establishment in the Horn of Africa: The Role of IGAD and its Member States in the Somalia Reconciliation Process” by Ahmed Ibrahim Bouh

“Religious Extremism as a Security Threat: The case of Ethiopia” by Zekarias Sintayehu Belachew

“An International Approach to Regional Justice: The International Criminal Court and its agenda in Africa” by Hannamariam Seyoum Alemu

“Counterterrorism: IGAD and Member States - Regional and National Approaches in Response towards Terrorism in the Region” by Bethelhem Taye Alemu

“Transnational Migration to the Middle East: Driving forces that led the Ethiopian Government to ban travel to the Middle East. (The case of Ethiopian Female Domestic House helps in Saudi Arabia)” by Michael Melaku Admassu