The Study Programme

The GESI at Leipzig University has developed with its partner institutions in Addis Ababa, Ghent, Halifax, London, New Delhi, Roskilde, Santa Barbara, Shanghai, Stellenbosch, Sydney, Vienna and Wroclaw a programme of Global Studies that combines social and cultural as well as historical approaches to the study of modern and contemporary globalisation processes and the comparison of world regions. This also offers the scientific basis to develop a much wider understanding of the dynamics and challenges of peace and security in Africa. 

Since Africa is faced with global challenges in particular ways, the study programme pays special attention to regional perspectives on globalisation processes and – in light of the continent’s specific contemporary challenges – to the multifaceted aspects of peace and security in Africa. 

Lecture at IPSS, Addis Ababa University

The subject of 'Peace and Security in Africa' is integrated into the study programme’s broader context of comparative analyses of global entanglements both historically and contemporarily. Additionally, the theoretical and methodological foundations of peace and security are profoundly expanded upon by embedding them into the debate on global actors and strategies, new regionalisms and the changing position nation-states have within the emerging world order. African perspectives are systematically juxtaposed with European and other region-based perspectives.

Structure of the programme

The MA programme "Global Studies (with a special emphasis on peace and security in Africa)" is an intensive full-time study programme with a duration of two years (starting once a year in October). The first, third and fourth semester take place at Addis Ababa University (AAU) with scholars from Addis Ababa and Leipzig co-teaching the programme's modules; during the second semester students are taught by German scholars and invited guest lecturers from all over the world at Leipzig University.

Discussion at the IPSS, Addis Ababa

The first semester familiarises students with the study of historical and contemporary globalisation as well as with the mix of methods needed for this kind of investigation. The second semester connects globalisation research to aspects of international peace and security. The third semester focuses on conflict management and peace and security research with a special view to the African continent. The fourth semester is allotted for the preparation and writing of the MA thesis.

The programme uses a modular curriculum structure and block courses to allow for state-of-the-art teaching of particular topics by both GESI and IPSS lecturers. It combines established teaching methods (lectures, seminars, tutorials, group works, etc.) with practical experiences (a research internship with an international organisation or an institution active in the field of peace and security). The programme employs the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

Course Programme


The Master's programme “Global Studies with a special emphasis on Peace and Security in Africa” awards a joint master's degree between the Universities of Leipzig and Addis Ababa, which means that one single degree certificate is issued on behalf of the two higher education institutions.