Degree Requirements

Essay Guidelines

Essays are the major form of examination in the program. The average length of an essay in Global Studies is 10-12 pages. The essays need to be submitted via e-Mail in word format to the respective professor and in cc to gs(at)

Master Thesis

The process of writing the thesis consists of a topic suggestion at summer school, a literature review by the end of the second term, a three page proposal by the end of September, an Exposé of 10-15 pages to be submitted by the end of December and the final thesis which is due by the end of July 31st.

The module Academic Writing and Research Skills includes seminars on how to write a thesis and what specific requirements a thesis in global studies must meet. A colloquium in the fourth term allows peers to compare their working status, contextualize their topic in the global studies research and discuss challenges in the writing process.


Plagiarism is the practice of copying another person’s ideas, words or work without adequate acknowledgement. It is consider academic fraud and will be judged as such. All course work before being graded is subject of a plagiarism check. Please note the leaflet viewed here.

Terms and Modules

The European Master in Global Studies is a two year's Master and divided into four phases: two winter and two summer terms. The programme has a modular structure according to the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) as initiated by the Bologna process. It is made up of 120 credits and in each term 30 credits have to be obtained.

Graduation Docs: A Master of Arts in Global Studies

Successful students of the European Master in Global Studies receive depending on their mobility track a joint or a double degree. The degree is accompanied by a diploma supplement, which contains further information about the educational university systems used in the Consortium, the qualifications gained by the student during the participation in the programme and her/his mobility track. The third document is a transcript of records that lists all courses and grades for the two years of study.

A joint degree means that one master certificate is issued by two or more universities. No separate degree documents from the individual universities are provided. Joint degrees are particularly high on the European higher educational political agenda.

A double degree means that two universities issue a master certificate individually. This is applicable for any mobility track including the London School of Economics.

For further questions please contact gs(at)