The Master's course in Global Studies at the University of Leipzig

The Master's course "Global Studies - A European Perspective" is offered by a transnational Consortium of eleven universities worldwide.

It is co-ordinated by the Global and European Studies Institute of the University of Leipzig. Students studying the two-years Master's course may choose to study for one of the two years in Leipzig.

On the following pages all Leipzig based students as well as applicants interested to pursue one year in Leipzig can find detailed information about the study programme in Leipzig.

If you are seeking to get information about the entire Master's course and/or the other partner universities offering the programme please visit the following website:



The Guardian Aboards the Leipzig Love-In

The Guardian newspaper has come round to the charms of Leipzig and penned a paean to the growing city. In an attempt to cover Germany more extensively, The Guardian has wrote a short summary of the history and the present joys of the city, entitled 'Is Leipzig the New Berlin?'

Having a readership of mainly left-leaning liberals, the story of Leipzig and its current flourishing would interest the Guardian readership. Hence, the article highlights the artistic activity, community projects and inevitably, the low prices!

You can have a read of the article here and for other coverage of Germany from the Guardian here

Further funding for EMGS under the Erasmus Mundus programme

We are very happy to announce that the application of the EMGS Consortium for further funding within the framework of the Erasmus Mundus programme has been successful and that the EMGS programme is now included in the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees (EMJMD) Catalogue. There is therefore the possibility to award in the future Erasmus Mundus grants to highly qualified students of the EMGS programme.

The application for further funding was very competitive since less than half of the applied programmes were renewed.  A panel of external experts confirmed in the evaluation of the application the very good overall quality of the EMGS programme.

We want to take this opportunity to kindly thank all persons who have contributed to this positive outcome.

Further funding is linked to new regulations in the Erasmus Mundus programme, one of which will be postponing the application deadline in 2015. The application website will be updated at the latest in November 2014 in this regard.