Study Requirements and Application


The M.A. in European Studies is a two-year Master’s programme addressed to students from all over the world. It is tuition-free. To be eligible for admission, students must:

  • hold an above average Bachelor’s degree or equivalent related to the Master’s programme;
  • have excellent command of German and very good oral and written skills in English as well as in another modern language;
  • be willing to undertake intensive advanced studies.


The application deadline for German and non-German applicants is May 31 for courses starting in October of the same year. Whether you have met the application deadline will be determined based on the date of receipt. Incomplete applications will not be considered. However, if you are expecting to complete your B.A. the summer term during which you are applying to Leipzig, you can hand in your B.A. degree certificate later. Application documents have to include:

  • Online-Application (for German applicants)
  • For international applicants: Application to uni-assist e.V. 
  • Letter of motivation (in German or English)
  • Curriculum vitae
  • B.A. certificate or equivalent (alternatively, a written statement testifying that you will complete your B.A. before the start of the Master’s programme)
  • Other relevant references
  • Proof of excellent German language skills for foreign applicants (language requirements)
  • Proof of good skills in English and another foreign language (UNIcert B2 or equivalent)

The applicant will be invited for a personal interview that aims at highlighting the personal motivation and the ability to study the master’s course. For foreign applicants, (Internet) telephone interviews will be arranged.

The Master’s programme in European Studies is restricted to 20 students a year. Please send your application to:

Global and European Studies Institute European Studies
Stephan Kaschner
Emil-Fuchs-Str. 1
04105 Leipzig

(Tel.: +49 341 97 30 263)

Please note:

All applicants with a B.A. degree from a non-German university will have to hand in an additional digital copy of their application documents to uni-assist e.V. They can do so from mid March on. This also applies for German citizens with degrees from Non-German universities. For more information on the application procedure for international students, click here.