M.A. Programme: European Studies

Leipzig, with its long traditions of cultural and economic exchange to the West and the East, as well as to the North and the South of the continent, is located at the centre of Europe. Thus, it goes without saying that Europeanisation is seen not only as an expansion of Western patterns to the East, but also as a creative process of adaptation and mutual influence.

The Master’s in European Studies at the University of Leipzig, then, assumes that the processes of Europeanisation

  • are not phenomena of recent years, thus their analyses demand a study field with historical depth;
  • cannot only be explained by economical developments and the social consequences;
  • do not lead to a singular process of homogenization but require recognition of the various aspects and effects of Europeanisation due to the different European regions;
  • depend on the perspective and location of the interpreter who analyses the effects of Europeanisation.

The M.A. in European Studies  is a truly inter-disciplinary programme with contributions from five different departments and more than 15 disciplines, covering not only all of the humanities and social sciences, but also geography, law and economics. Instead of seeing Europe as a state-unit, the programme focuses on processes of Europeanisation in a longue durée.

We are proud of our diverse student body. A quarter to half of all students enrolled each year come from outside of Germany to pursue their Masters degree in European Studies at Leipzig. In total, over the past seven years, students from more than ten different countries have enriched the programme.

A study-abroad unit is an important and compulsory part of the M.A. in European Studies and is based on the Erasmus exchange programme with a series of universities well-known for their contribution to the field of European Studies. The programme encourages students to think critically about the topics of their study and to solve scientific questions independently.

To get a better impression of what to expect if you decide to pursue the M.A. in European Studies, feel free to browse the syllabi of past semesters. You also shouldnt hesitate to get in touch with the programme coordinator, Stephan Kaschner.