Postgraduate Education within the RAL

The Graduate Centre Humanities and Social Sciences assembles various disciplines of the University Leipzig - such as humanities, social sciences, economics and regional studies - all under the one roof of highly interdisciplinary PhD-programmes. It provides the framework for a modularized and internationally oriented research training of PhD candidates. There are currently nine programmes (classes) under the auspices of the Graduate Centre, including two graduate schools funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), two bi-national PhD programmes, as well as one programme integrating macro-economic research at the universities of Dresden, Halle and Leipzig.

The focus of these academic programmes are the various forms and effects of intercultural and transnational exchange and encounters; the examination of the spatiality of social behaviour and its resultant cultural make-up; political and economic processes of regional, European and global integration; as well as mutual socio-cultural influence and border-crossing mobility. A unique advantage of the Graduate Centre is extensive regional scientific diversity and expertise, which encompasses all the regions of the world.

Within the wide spectrum of classes of the Graduate Centre, there are four programmes that are closely linked to the GESI due to content and focus:

- The DFG Research Training Group (1261) "Critical Junctures of Globalization", which is currently in the second stage of funding, has up until today trained 32 postgraduate students. Six more postgraduates will enter the programme in fall 2011.
- The International PhD Programme (IPP) "Transnationalization and Regionalization since the 18th century", which since its foundation in 2001 has trained approximately 150 postgraduate students. During this time, 50 doctoral theses have been completed and defended.
- Under the funding scheme of "International Promovieren in Deutschland" (IPID), a promotional programme of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the Graduate Centre runs a binational Polish-German postgraduate programme "The New Europe" since autumn 2010. The programme, which investigates the recent transformations after the European enlargement from the perspective of social, cultural and historical sciences.
- In close relationship to this programme the project "East-Central Europe in Transnational Perspective",  funded by the Saxon State Ministry for Science and the Arts, offers scholarships to postgraduates from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary for participating in the PhD-training in Leipzig and pursuing a binational doctorate in the field of transnationalism.

The GESI provides working groups, research seminars and supervision in the fields of Global History and International Studies (read more) as well as an international atmosphere for its more than 30 PhD-students (see here) For those enrolled with the institute and the Faculty of Social Sciences and Philosophy we offer the possibility to earn a Dr. phil. in both fields, Global and European Studies.

For further details see the information at the website of the Graduate Centre for the Humanities and Social sciences of the Research Academy Leipzig here.