GESI Library

The library of the institute is part of the university library and based in its main building, the Albertina. It can be searched in the Web-Opac or by downloading the GESI-citavi-catalogue.

The book shelves with the Global and European Studies collection (consultation only at Albertina possible) are located at in the gallery on the second floor of the west wing.

Due to the interdisciplinary character of our study programs further literature for the course work should be checked in other sections of the university library, namely Political Sciences and History (both at Albertina) as well as the Oriental Studies (located at Schillerstrasse 6).

The collection of the GESI consists mainly of English speaking books. German research on globalization can be best searched in the German National Library. Since it is located in Leipzig, findings need not to be called by inter-libarary loan but can be read on the spot.

The university library, under the licence of the German Research Council, holds several electronic journal publishing research on Global Studies, among them are:

Journal of New Global Studies
Itinerario. International journal on the history of European expansion and global interaction
Global networks. A Journal for Transnational Affairs
Passages. Interdisciplinary Journal of Global Studies
Journal of World History 

Furthermore, we want to draw your attention to two journals we hold at the GESI:

- the Leipzig based Comparativ. Journal of Global History and Comparative Studies, and
- the LSE based Journal of Global History,
- as well as the book series Weltregionen edited by an international board but under the main responsibility of our Vienna partners.

A good overview about recent publications in the field can be gained in the following two online-forums:

- H-Soz-u-Kult

The required readings of the lectures, courses and tutorials are available on moodle. Access to it will be provided by the study coordinators. We also recommend the online journal:

- Journal of World-Historical Information

  Which maintains a comprehensive world-historical data resource.