„Cultural Encounters and Political Orders in a Global Age“

The research agenda of the Centre for Area Studies (CAS) founded in 2009 benefits from the existence of a wide range of institutes dedicated to regional studies and an atmosphere of cross-disciplinary cooperation with the social sciences and cultural studies. This provides the essential grounds for a broad and comprehensive scholarly programme funded by Federal Ministry for Research and Education (2009-2014). It aimed at an understanding of how regions and areas were formed, constructed or invented as reactions to processes of globalization and how these areas as frameworks for cultural encounters and political order in the world are challenged by the current wave of global transformation.

Extra-university research institutes, such as the Leibniz Institute for Regional Geography (ifL) and the Leipzig Centre for the History and Culture of East Central Europe (GWZO), actively contribute to the CAS activities and programme. 

The GESI is among the 21 institutes profiting from the CAS as a platform to coordinate very different research agendas. With its focus on the study of globalization the GESI has a core function within the scholarly programme of CAS, whose spokesperson is the director of GESI whereas Prof. Ulf Engel is spokesperson of the Research Training Group and the Africa-related Special Programme at the CAS.

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