M.A. Thesis: one's bit to globalization research

The Master Thesis will be written in the second half of the second year of study. It is the most important paper you will write within the Master course and should form a substantial contribution to the current discussion of globalization.


Topics and Deadlines for Submission

The regulations for the Master Thesis vary slightly within the consortium.

In general the Master Thesis will be written in English but another agreement between the supervisor and the student is possible. 

During the summer school the possible topic of your Master Thesis will be discussed in accordance with a proposition you are presenting at this occasion.

The deadline for submitting your Master Thesis is the 31st July of your last year within the Master course. You are supposed to submit bounded hard copies and electronic copies (CD-Rom) of your Thesis.

Supervision and referee process

During the summer school each student is requested to present a suggestion for the topic of her/his Master Thesis. This suggestion will be discussed in working groups together with a professor of the second year's university. A proposition for a supervisor will be made by the professor. The supervisor will guide you in regularly meetings in questions in regard of the content of your paper. In principle each student will be supervised by one supervisor of the second year's university but arrangements of co-supervision e.g. with lecturers at other institutions of the consortium are possible. Your first supervisor will be also your first referee and thus is also grading your Thesis. A second referee will be identified by the university.