Teaching Staff

On this webpage you can find information on the Core Teaching Staff in the EMGS programme for each european university of the EMGS Consortium. Detailed information on each scholar can be found by clicking on the name of a scholar that will lead you to the respective website. 


Eric Vanhaute (Modules: Introduction to Global History and Global Studies; and Global History: Europe and the World)

Dries Lesage (Module: Global Governance and Global Justice)

Glenn Rayp (Module: History and Political Economy of Global Capitalism)

Christopher Parker (Modules: Conflict and Development in a Globalising World)

Jan Orbie (Module: Europe as a Global Actor)

Koen Vlassenroot (Modules: World Societies – Perpectives from the Global South)


Prof. Dr. Philip Clart 

Prof. Dr. Ulf Engel (Modules: International Studies, Regions in Globalization: Africa and the Near East, World Orders under the Global Condition)

Prof. Dr. Crister S. Garrett (Module: Regions in Globalization: The Americas)

Prof. Dr. Jörg Gertel (Module: Regions in Globalization: Asia and the Middle East)

Prof. Dr. Matthias Middell (Modules: Global History, Methods for the Study of Globalization, Academic Writing and Research Skills)

Prof. Dr. Stefan Troebst (Module: Regions in Globalization: Europe)


Prof. Stephen N. Broadberry
 (Module: Regions in the Global Economic History: The British Economy in Global Perspective, 1000-2000)

Dr. Kent G. Deng (Module: Regions in the Global Economic History: Economic Development of East and Southeast Asia)

Dr. Leigh Gardner (Module: Regions in the Global Economic History: African Economic Development in Historical Perspective)

Dr. Peter Howlett (Module: Research Design and Quantitative Methods in Economic History) 

Prof. Janet Hunter (Module: Regions in the Global Economic History: Japan and Korea as Developing Countries)

Dr. Maria Alejandra Irigoin (Modules: The Development and Integration of the World Economy in the 19th and 20th Centuries, Pre-Modern Paths of Growth: East and West Compared, c. 1000-1800, Regions in the Global Economic History: Latin American Development: Case-Studies in Growth, Poverty and Social Change)

Prof. Jane Lewis (Module: Regions in the Global Economic History, Latin American Development, political economy of growth)

Dr. Debin Ma (Module: Thesis and its discussion with supervisor and research seminar  (10,000 word)  in Global History (full unit)) 

Dr. Tirthankar Roy (Modules: Economic Change in Global History: Approaches and Analysis, Regions in the Global Economic History: India and The World Economy)

Dr. Oliver Volckart


Angela Bourne (Module: Europeanization & Globalization)

Associate Prof. Dr. Klaas Dykmann (Modules: Global Politics, Global Governance, Regionalization and State Sovereignty I, Global Governance)

Associate Prof. Johan Fischer (Modules: Methodological Workshop “How to Write a Project”, Thesis Seminar)

Associate Prof. Dr. Laura Horn (Module: Global Political Economy + Project)

Prof. Preben Kaarsholm (Module: Methodological Workshop “Comparative Methodology”)

Associate Prof. Dr. Michael F. Kluth (Module: Global Politics, Global Governance, Regionalization and State Sovereignty II)

Kennet Lynggaard (Module: Global Governance)

Prof. Dr. Gorm Rye Olsen

Associate Prof. Dr. Olivier Rubin (Module: Globalization, Political Culture, Civil Society & Social Movements)

Associate Prof. Lindsay Whitfield (Module: Global Political Economy + Project)


Prof. Dr. Friedrich Edelmayer (Modules: Global History by World Regions I, Methods of Global History II, Global History by Regions II)

Prof. Dr. Margarete Grandner (Modules: Methods of Global History I, Methods of Global History II, Thematic Aspects of Global History II)

Associate Prof. Dr. Martina Kaller (Modules: Methods of Global History I, Thematic Aspects of Global History I, Thematic Aspects of Global History II)

Prof. Dr. Andrea Komlosy (Module: Introduction to Global History)

Prof. Dr. Peer Vries (Modules: Introduction to Global History, Theories of Global History I, Theories of Global History II)


Prof. Dr. Klaus Bachmann

Dr. Jarosław Jarząbek (Modules: International Relations International Cooperation and Security)

Prof. Dr. Norbert Kapferer (Modules: Globalization: Selected issues, Research and master thesis I)

Prof. Dr. hab. Ireneusz Paweł Karolewski (Module: Societies in transition)

Dr. Dominik Kopiński (Module: Economic systems & political economy)

Prof. Dr. Beata Ociepka

Dr. Sebastian Płóciennik (Module: Economic Systems & Political Economy Research seminar, winter and summer school)

Prof. Dr. Elżbieta Stadtmüller (Modules: Aspects of Globalization & RegionalizationTransformations, Economics, Security & International Relations Society & politics)

Dr. hab. Marek Wróblewski (Modules: Economic systems & Political Economy Globalization: Selected Issues, Research and master thesis I)