Voices of the students

"The EMGS programme is an amazing opportunity. It gives you the chance to really experience different cultures. This is achieved not only through the travel possibilities and the cultures of where you live, but also through the friends you meet on the programme who come from all over the world. This practical experience of different cultures is then applied in the classroom where you discuss matters that concern the whole world and get a diverse set of solutions. Ultimately the EMGS programme is unparalleled in terms of the knowledge it provides, the friends you meet and the fun you have!" 

Charlotte Buchanan
Vienna, Roskilde

'The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.' "A part from being one of the truest quotations I have ever read, it does best represents what I have been experiencing so far within the EMG’s program. I strongly encourage those who feel there is something different out there, those who think that academic excellence is achievable at many levels and through many ways, to enroll themselves in this unique program, progressively shaped, that makes you reformulate your thoughts in a different pace, and –to some extent- allows you to belong to a first class of students that has the right tools to recognize the diversity of cultures, economies, identities and societies in which all of us are submerged, without losing the critical approach needed to analyze what currently matters in a global scale."

Albert Garrich Alabarce
Roskilde, Leipzig

You may contact Albert via e-mail: agalabarce(at)gmail.com

"The list of positives goes on and on for EMGS, but what stands out the most is its flexibility; the ability to chose between five consortium and six abroad universities, to take courses from the whole field of social science, to write about anything pertaining to the diverse field of global studies, all the while having the time to travel and make friends that will last a life time. I never imagined a situation with such a high level of academics AND freedom. This program is a canvas which allows one to paint their own experiences, perceptions, and aspirations."

Kurt Hirrlinger
Leipzig, Vienna

"Without doubt the experiences people make during two years of Global Studies vary enormously. However, some characteristics of the “Global Studies Experience” can be generalized.
Firstly, the programme enhances people's sensitivity for other cultures. I don't mean this in the sense of “learning to live with difference”; rather, Global Studies can show you that if you don't just travel a country for a few weeks, but actually live there for a few months, many things that seem very different in the beginning may not be so different after all.
Secondly, even though it is always stressful in the first weeks, having to adapt to different social and institutional settings rather often makes you turn this challenge into a skill. This skill will remain with you, no matter which professional environment you choose for the future.
Thirdly, and most importantly, the EMGS Experience equips students with a unique awareness of diversity of ideas. It is one thing to know about differing theories and methodologies; it is quite another thing to actually experience the influence of varying conceptualizations of the world. The MA Global Studies enables students to be exposed to various, sometimes even conflicting world views, and to observe what milieus are likely to be associated with which philosophical outlook. (…)
The cosmopolitan (multi-) experience which people participating in the Global Studies programme make does not make them unbiased, but maybe a little less dogmatic and a little more open to diverse opinions than students who spend five years at just one institution, with only one dominant perspective. In my view, this awareness of diversity of ideas constitutes the strongest advantage of EMGS students.
Furthermore, the programme is characterized by an extremely caring and helpful administration that provides constant support throughout your stays at the different universities. These aspects make Global Studies the ideal master’s course for everybody who aims at combining great personal experiences with unique academic opportunities."

Felix Müller
London, Dalhousie, Vienna

"The Global Studies program has become an indispensible experience in my life in both academic and personal matters.  The quite diverse courses I took being a student of Universities of Leipzig and Vienna shaped and changed the way I treat the processes happening in the world nowadays. I would say that in a way the program taught me to be more open-minded and challenge most things I am being exposed to.
Nevertheless it seems to me that the most valuable part of the Global Studies program is its people. Studying together with students from all over the world is a unique opportunity not only to make friends for life, but also learn a lot starting from handling cultural differences to understanding mindsets, which are different from your own. I can’t imagine where else one can get a similar experience. Moreover I tend to believe that concentration of very devoted and passionate teaching and administration stuff, as well as friendly student colleagues is not a coincidence, but already a tradition."

Ekaterina Belukova
Leipzig, Vienna

"Being a part of the EMGS program has helped me to challenge how I used to think about the world. Through a variety of thoughtful courses and the diverse perspectives of my colleagues, I have become a ‚global-thinkerʼ. Itʼs become easier for me to see things in a global context, which I think, is of increasing importance in todayʼs world. Global Studies has enabled me, with a specific set of competencies, to become insightful in answering a lot of tough questions concerning contemporary economics, politics and social trends. This degree program will definitely help me in the future, either continuing in academia or in the labor market."

Matthew John Przybylek
Wroclaw, Leipzig

"EMGS gave me the invaluable opportunity to be a member of a global network of scholars. The eclectic international composition of my colleagues provided me with an irreplicable element to my academic experience. Learning in such a diverse environment enhanced the topics we studied, and broadened my own understanding of the peculiarities of globalization as it affects different societies around the world."

Kimberly Maher
Leipzig, Vienna

"The Erasmus Mundus Global Studies programme with its very global participants has been an extremely enriching experience for me. The programme has envisioned me with a broader perspective and introduced me to the wide field of global history, a new concept of world history in a global age. Not only has it broadened my academic vision but more importantly the programme gave me the opportunity to tie close bonds of friendship with students from countries I had never been to but only heard and read about. The summer school held in Wroclaw, Poland (2007) was an experience I will never forget - one week of academic presentations and discussions interspersed with insurmountable merry making! Despite meeting many students from the partner universities for the very first time - one never got the feeling that these were new faces. There seemed a familiarity that connected all members of the global studies family - indeed a unity in diversity!"

Anandita Bajpai
Leipzig, Wroclaw

"EMGS- Europe's Mandate to Globalize Students. It has not only opened the opportunity to do this in a multi-cultural environment; it certainly is a rare chance to expand one's field of knowledge to great lenghts in the most interesting approach--by putting together different citizens and offer a very diverse module of studies, enabling all of us to learn not just from our academic lives, but in each day we live, study, dine, travel and party with our colleagues. So...it's been fun." 

Mike Saycon
Vienna, Wroclaw

"The experience during the years spent in EMGS were enriching and stimulating. One cannot expect more diversity in terms of culture and academic backgrounds that we all share, all this culminating into one grand experience. Learning is not only restricted to academia but is stimulated through healthy dialogues and interactions. One is humbled by this overwhelming experience -only to realise the commoness in all of us at the same time learning to appreciate and celebrate the differences. It is a truly global experience. The course is promising in its endeavours. It brings together people from all walks of life, from various cultural backgrounds, from the north, south, east and west of the world - making it into one truly global learning experience."

Sahiba Minhas
Vienna, Leipzig

"My year at the University of Leipzig was completely different from my year at the London School of Economics, which is what makes the Erasmus Mundus Global Studies program so incredible. I feel both years represent two opposite ends of Europe and two very enriching perspectives on higher education. The friends I have made and the places I have been to and observed have been equally priceless to the degrees I have earned. I would not have had my education any other way." 

Sean Dubberke
Leipzig, London

"The Master in Global Studies offers me the rare opportunity to experience the excellence of European academy and the fruitfulness of cultural interaction. When the black, the white, the brown and the yellow work hand in hand, when the European, the African, the American, the Austrialian and the Asian academic traditions and merits find their places in one program, I have never felt more comfortable in learning than now. Two years are not long but the good memory will last for life time." 

Xiaochen Zhang
Wroclaw, Leipzig