At all five study places you can choose between renting private accommodation and applying for a room in the student dormitories of the universities. Living in student dorms offers many advantages: It is easy to establish contact with other students. The flat rate rents are stable. The rooms are furnished. Every unit comprises furnished kitchens and bathrooms.

If you wish to apply for a room in a student dorm you should do so immediately after you receive your admission to the EMGS programme. The sooner you will apply the higher your chances to get the room of your choice starting with the day of your arrival.

You will find more information about the accommodation at the following websites.

Ghent University

Please visit the following website:

University of Leipzig

For more information about the student dorms please visit In order to apply for a room in the student dorms please follow the instructions under:

For the case that you are interested in a private room or apartment, go to:

The rent for a private room in Leipzig differs between 150-250 Euros (depending on the size of the room and the district where it is situated). Most students in Leipzig choose to live in the Südvorstadt, that offers a huge variety of pubs and clubs but also the districts Schleußig and Plagwitz are popular among students.

A map of Leipzig is to be found under

London School of Economics

In order to find out about accommodation in London, please visit the following website:

Roskilde University

Questions concerning housing, permits, required paper work etc. should be directed to The International Office, Building 01

See also:

RIU-Roskilde (residence halls in Roskilde)
Ungdommens Hus
Parkvej 5
4000 Roskilde
phone: (+45) 4636 2972 or (+45) 4636 2202

Kollegiernes Kontor I København
(residence halls in Copenhagen)
Dahlerupsgade 5, 3.
1603 København V
Phone: (+45) 3363 0500

Danhostel RoskildeVindeboder 74000 RoskildePhone: (+45) 4635 2184

University of Vienna

Student dorms:

On this homepage you find an overview of the different residences offered. Before you book the room, please also get in touch with the local co-ordinator, he will help you to apply for the rooms and try to supply you with additional information.

Private accommodation:

University of Wroclaw

Information on accommodation in Wroclaw is to be found under: