Frequently Asked Questions

Preconditions to apply for this programme?

Applicants should fulfil the following requirements:
- A bachelors degree or recognised equivalent from an accredited institution in Social Sciences or Humanities
- Very good academic performance
- Excellent English skills
- Basic knowledge in a second foreign language

Can I apply without knowledge of German?

It will be possible for you to make the programme in English but the amount of courses you can chose from will be smaller compared to those students having a good knowledge of German since some of the courses at the University of Leipzig and Vienna are offered in German only.
If you do attend lectures, tutorials or seminars in German, it will be possible for you to write the essays and to take your exams in English.
However the experience shows that people coming with limited proficiency in German or even without any German knowledge, are facing some difficulties especially in daily life in Leipzig and Vienna.
Against this background the Consortium  appreciates if students have at least a basic knowledge of German and encourages all applicants to take German classes prior to their stay in Europe.

Apply even if I graduate after the application deadline?

Yes, in the case you graduate after the application deadline the decision on the admission will be based on the grades indicated in transcript of study results you will need to provide. In case you receive an admission to the programme you need to submit your diploma at the latest  one month before the course starts for that you can be enroled in the programme.

Do I have to apply to all the universities separately?

No, you have to send your application to the University of Leipzig as a co-ordinating institution of the Erasmus Mundus Master Program Global Studies, with the specification in which Universities you would like to study.

Could you advise me how to apply for a scholarship?

The Consortium of the Master course in Global Studies is pleased to be able to offer Erasmus Mundus scholarships to its students. Further information on this scholarship as well as a list of links to other institutions awarding scholarships can be found in "Fees and Support"

In case you want to apply for an Erasmus Mundus scholarship your application needs to arrive at the Leipzig University by an application deadline for the Erasmus Mundus grant. For further information please check here.

Definition and specific course contents?

The MA-'Global Studies' is not fixed to a single means of interpretation, but designed to equip highly qualified students with the ability to create their own contribution to the debate on globalization. The programme, despite its candour for different approaches and the necessity of their combination, takes globalisation and global connections as a starting point to understand that

  • it is not only a phenomenon of the passed centuries but requires a historical examination
  • it cannot be reduced to economical processes and their social functions but also considers the suggestion to agree or disagree with the development of political and cultural behaviour patterns
  • it cannot only be analysed as processes of homogenisation on a global scale, but also from the different point of view of Area studies, and finally 
  • it is subject to interpretation of the individual depending on the effects of the global network and its context.

What is the language of instruction?

The Ghent Universtiy, LSE, Roskilde University and the University of Wroclaw offer courses in English, whereas at the University of Leipzig and Vienna the language of instruction is both German and English. At the latter you can get through the study in English, and even if you attend lectures, tutorials or seminars given in German, it is possible to write the essays and to take your exams in English. However the experience of this year shows that people coming with limited proficiency in German or even without any German knowledge, are facing difficulties especially in daily life.

Internship during the summer?

The internship can be done during the semester breaks (winter or summer), excepting the time for the Summer School (end of July/beginning of August). 
In any case the internship is helpful for your master thesis, it will be taken into account during the evaluation of your study and it will be also mentioned in your diploma supplement.