The Consortium and its Commitees

On the following pages you will find more information about the Representatives of the Consortium and its Committees. If you should have any questions, please address always first to the Co-ordinator of the Consortium or the local Co-ordinators that will forward your question to the appropriate person if necessary.

Legal Representative of the Consortium

Prof. Dr. med. Beate  A. Schücking - Rectoress of the Leipzig University
Ritterstrasse 26
04109 Leipzig, Germany


Representatives of the participating Universities to the Consortium

Prof. Dr. Eric Vanhaute (Ghent)
Prof. Matthias Middell (Leipzig) - Head of the Consortium
Dr. Kent Deng (London)
Prof. Michael Kluth (Roskilde) 
Prof. Margarete Grandner (Vienna)
Dr. Marek Wroblewski and Dr. Jaroslaw Jarzabek (Wroclaw)

Representatives of the exchange partner institutions to the Consortium

Dr. John Cameron (Dalhousie University Halifax - Canada)
Prof. Yang Huang (Fudan University - China)
Prof. Praveen Jha (Jawaharlal Nehru University - India)
Prof. Martina Möllering (Macquarie University Sydney - Australia)
Prof. Alison Brysk (University of California at Santa Barbara - USA)
Prof. Anthony Leysens (University of Stellenbosch - South Africa)

Coordinator of the Consortium

Konstanze Klemm
University of Leipzig
Global and European Studies Institute

04105 Leipzig
E-mail: em(at)
Telephone: +49 341-9730230
Fax: +49 341 96 05 261

Study Purposes and Selection Committee

Dr. Julie Carlier (Ghent)
Prof. Dr. Eric Vanhaute (Ghent)
Prof. Ulf Engel (Leipzig)
Prof. Matthias Middell (Leipzig)
Konstanze Klemm (Leipzig) 
Stephan Kaschner (Leipzig)
Dr. Kent Deng (London)
Tracy Keefe (London)
Mikael Jørgensen (Roskilde)
Prof. Michael Kluth (Roskilde) 
Prof. Margarete Grandner (Vienna)
Birgit Kaiserlehner (Vienna)
Dr. Marek Musiol (Wroclaw)
Dr. Marek Wroblewski (Wroclaw)

Examination Committee

Prof. Dr. Koen Vlassenroot (Ghent)
Prof. Adam Jones (Leipzig)
Prof. Janet Hunter (London)
Prof. Michael Kluth (Roskilde) 
Prof. Margarete Grandner (Vienna)
Dr. Marek Wroblewski (Wroclaw)

Exchange Committee

Dr. Julie Carlier (Ghent)
Prof. Matthias Middell (Leipzig)
Dr. Kent Deng (London)
Prof. Michael Kluth (Roskilde) 
Prof. Friedrich Edelmayer (Vienna)
Dr. Jaroslaw Jarzabek (Wroclaw)

Strategic Advisory Board on Employability

Prof. Dr. Utz Dornberger
(Fraunhofer Center for International Management and Knowledge Economy IMW/ SMILE Self-Employment Initiative; Leipzig)
Sabine Witt (Engagement Global (Development Cooperation), Leipzig)
Fiona Dove (TNI Transnational Institute (NGO) Amsterdam)
Dr. Mindi Schneider (International Institute for Social Studies, Amsterdam)
Prof. Dr. Madeleine Hosli (United Nations University – CRIS, Brügge)
Wojciech Kazanecki (McKinsey Wroclaw)
Anne Smith Petersen (BØRNEfonden, Copenhagen/Development Cooperation)
Eva Jensen (Klimarådet - Danish Council on Climate Change, Copenhagen)
Daniela Schier (Amnesty International, Vienna)
Xenia Pilipenko (International Center for Migration Policy Development, Vienna)

Appeal procedure

An appeal can be raised within 15 days after a decision has been communicated to an applicant/student. Appeals need to be addressed to the EMGS Consortium via the following e-mail address em(at)