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The EMGS Alumni Network

With the support of the EMGS Consortium, a small group of former students organized an alumni meeting in Vienna in November 2010. Due to the positive feedback of participants and the joint interest in an official alumni association, we took the initiative to found a registered student and alumni association, which shall serve the following purposes:

  1. Institute a forum of EMGS graduates to grow alongside the EMGS programme - in size, importance, and impact. A platform that will help maximize the skills and knowledge gained by EMGS students after completion of the degree.
  2. Build on and learn from shared post-study experiences from both the professional and academic worlds.
  3. Facilitate, strengthen and expand communication between the alumni of our programme for collaborative projects.
  4. Support initiatives and projects of both individual students and alumni and the EMGS Consortium (in the field of global studies)
  5. Increase the visibility of the program in the academic world, and facilitate interest in the EMGS programme and global studies in particular amongst the public, private and academic sectors.

The association is open to all EMGS students and alumni who are interested in participating.

Each student and alumni can create its own user profile on the Alumni website, which allows not only to keep previous fellows updated about oneself but also allows networking among EMGS fellows from different cohorts e.g. through chats and discussion groups.

All members have also access to regularly up-dated information on internship-, conference- as well as job- and PhD-advertisements related to the field of Global Studies.

The EMGS Alumni Network 

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