Alumni meetings

5th EMGS Alumni Meeting (3rd Alumni Convention)

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the EMGS programme the EMGS Consortium and the EMGS Alumni Network organized a Global Studies Conference that took place in Leipzig from November 26th to 29th, 2015.

Representatives of all EMGS partner universities will discussed together with Alumni of the programme developments in the field of “Global Studies” both from a geographic and a thematic point of view. Alumni also gave insides into their experiences on the labour market.

You can access here the Conference Reader which provides you with comprehensive information on the programme.

You can access here recordings of the following panels:

Official Welcome & Key note - How has EMGS developed over the past 10 year?

Plenary session - How have the Global Studies developed over the past years in different regions?

Plenary Session - How have the Global Studies developed in the past years in relation to different disciplines?

Plenary Session - What are the experiences of EMGS Alumni on the labour market?

Developments in Global Studies and Area Studies and Transregional Studies

Developments in Global Studies in the Americas

Insights of alumni to opportunities, challenges and disappointments on the labour market

Book release "Hartmut Elsenhans and a Critique of Capitalism"

4th EMGS Alumni Meeting (2nd Alumni Convention)

Many alumni and staff meet in Vienna for the 2nd Alumni Convention with a series of workshops and presentations. The Convention took place at Wien University with a full list of workshops and presentations scheduled for Friday 22 Nov, 2013, lasting till Saturday 22 November.

This Convention was on the topic “The World in Crisis – Same Same but Different”. In a number of workshops, some of the recurrent crises the world is facing today were analyzed and discussed. The world is changing rapidly and we experience these new developments, transformations and sometimes even revolutions at first hand. Some of the questions that have been adressed are: How do we experience these global crises from our different regional, topical and professional backgrounds? Which solutions are discussed in our areas of expertise? Those and other questions will be addressed at the conference.

A full Convention Reader has been prepared in advance, it is available here.

EMGS Alumni Network e.V. was set up by Christian Denzin, Miriam Wolfsteiner, Mickaël Daudin, Bettina Heller and Hafid Derbal. It seeks to pull the talent, resources, and spirit of all the students of the EMGS Programme, so that their association with the master’s programme does not end upon gradution. Their website is here.


3rd EMGS Alumni meeting (EMGS Alumni Convention)

The 3rd EMGS Alumni Meeting which was organized commonly by the EMGS Alumni Network and the EMGS Consortium in Leipzig in November 2011.

Thanks to the very innovative format of the meeting, that was arranged as a Convention and also thanks to the provision of generous travel grants for Alumni offered by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs it attracted more than 200 EMGS Alumni and students.

Divided into 15 thematic panels, the Convention offered a platform where participants presented and discussed about the experiences made on the job market and in academia after graduation but also about research done in a variety of fields such as  “Peace and security”, “Climate Change” and “Migration” to name but a few.

One highlight of the Conference was the round table that addressed the question „Does a globalising world need Global Studies?“. Views have been given not only by members of the participating universities in the EMGS Consortium namely Hanne Leth Andersen (Prorector of Roskilde University), Matthias Middell (Head of the EMGS Consortium) and Simeon Underwood (Academic Registrar of the London School of Economics) but also by external experts not linked to the study programme namely Ambassador Bernd Borchardt (coordinator of International HR policy in the German Foreign Ministry) and Uwe Brandenburg from CHE Consult GmbH.

After each convention day a coming-together has been organized that allowed the participants to deepen the discussions held during the convention, to plan further projects but also of course to look back to the study times in the EMGS programme.

A major highlight was the graduation ceremony of the 2009-2011 students batch that took place in the Leipzig townhall under the auspice of the City of Leipzig and was followed by a graduation party.

The detailed programme of the meeting is to be found here.

And recordings of the following panels are also available:

Welcome and short introduction

Panel 3: Post-EMGS experience I

Panel 4: China

Panel 8: Climate Change

Roundtable “Does a globalising world need Global Studies?”

Panel 12: Peace and Security

Panel 13: Post-EMGS experiences III

2nd EMGS Alumni meeting

In November 2010 the EMGS Alumni Network organized together with the EMGS consortium the second Alumni meeting.

The invitation has drawn more than 130 EMGS alumni and students to Vienna where all of them enjoyed some very intense meeting days.

Several Alumni gave impressions of their PhD projects as well as advices for fellows who want to follow the academic path. Other Graduates reported on their jobs namely in the International Press, the International Atomic Energy Agency, the Captial Group, the Youth Bank and GPR Dehler. Also Alumni led projects that are aiming at raising the awareness of the course and reinforcing the inter-cohort dialogue have been presented. 

Moreover, many of the participants took part in a workshop session entitled “Proaction, Innovation and Cooperation in cultures of peace” led by an EMGS Alumni. During the various points of the itinerary of the meeting the participants also had the chance to discover the delights of Vienna as well as taking part in an excursion to an exhibition of “European Urban Spaces” at the Architekturzentrum. Such opportunities allowed the participants the possibility to discuss with each other about their experiences, home countries and impressions of the, now, five European and six non-European universities in the Consortium.

The highpoint of the meeting took place in the prestigious Großer Festsaal of the University of Vienna in the form of the Graduation Ceremony for the 2008-2010 course. Thereafter the festivities were continued at the re-release party of the Globalistan CD in the impressive Viennese Palmenhaus.

1st EMGS Alumni meeting

The first EMGS Alumni meeting was held in June 2009. Around sixty EMGS Alumni and students came to Leipzig in order to meet former and current EMGS fellows. Besides a presentation on “The study experiences Graduates made in the EMGS programme and their impacts and their current careers”, a literature contest entitled “The World beyond Stereotypes“ as well as a reading of Dieter Strauss (Former Director for several Goethe-Institutes all over the world) on his book “Diesseits von Goethe - Deutsche Kulturbotschafter im Aus- und Inland“ have been organized.