Alumni Voices

In order to listen on Sayalee Karkare’s professional career and how it got influenced by the Global Studies programme, please see the following video here

Sayalee Karkare
LSE, Leipzig

"I spent my first year in Leipzig, Germany, and my second year in London. EMGS had a profound impact on me. I won't go into the traditional platitudes of "more international" and all that, but I will say that I gained a certain sense of independence and thoroughly expanded my worldview and perspective. LSE was incredibly valuable because the education pushed me to have a paradigm shift in terms of how I viewed global economic development, and helped me to better understand contemporary social and economic structures through a lens of historical development. Just as importantly, in Leipzig I met so many brilliant minds who challenged me to view the world from a different lens, and through those different perspectives I better appreciated my own value system."

Barzin is the EMGS representative of the Erasmus Mundus Association (EMA). In order to get to know about the association please click here.

Barzin Pakandam
Leipzig, LSE

In 2006 "I left my hometown of Melbourne to study the EMGS degree for a year at the University of Wroclaw in Poland followed by a year at the London School of Economics. Looking back, these were two of the most rewarding years of my life and set up the foundations for many later opportunities in Europe.

Now I'm living in London and have co-founded a technology company that helps people connect on the basis of shared ideas. We're looking at building our web development team in partnership with the Institute of Computer Science at the University of Wroclaw.

Global studies provided me with a perspective of thinking globally and an understanding that world history is a history of ideas. Given the ambiguity of "global studies", I've used my education to fit my own purposes, resulting in many unexpected opportunities and new experiences over the last few years. This could only have happened from looking forward and making plans."

Justin Brown
LSE, Wroclaw

"Erasmus Mundus Global Studies was the apogee of a very liberal education in my case. I was able to combine grounding in Economics (BA) and social work (MA) with a long-standing academic interest in Global Affairs and a personal quest to become a citizen of the world. My European sojourn convinced me that cultures have an immense amount to learn from each other and young people everywhere are absolute naturals at this."

Kalyani Unkule
Leipzig, LSE

"EMGS is a unique experience in Europe (exception made of UK greatest universities) to enjoy an international experience with talented students from all over the world, with people you hardly would have the chance to know otherwise. For two years, I lived in a priviledged world. EMGS gave me a unique opportunity to get the tools to understand globalization and its processes. It is a Master degree that gives you keys from the past (especially with the teaching of Global History) to arm you with a valuable academic background to current and future global issues."

Sabrina Fredj
Leipzig, UCSB, Vienna

"It was really my privilege to be part of the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Programme on which I was able to do my Master degree in Global Studies in 2005-2007 at the University of Vienna and University of Wroclaw. What is undeniably similar between the two universities is that I received a very warm and friendly welcome by the people in charge of the programme and ready made assistance whenever problems arrived, be it administrative or personal. I could not forget how important such experience is to my current career. It is an experience that get me close to the current of globalizing world and thus be prepared to be part of it or otherwise. Since my return, I have been involved in human rights advocacy, environmental campaign, rural development and policy and academic research on democratic governance. I miss the universities, friends, and professors there already and eagerly look forward to coming back."

Sreang Chheat
Vienna, Wroclaw

"Doing a PhD in the UK in the area of Education and Development I can say that thanks to the broad range of subjects and disciplines, the opportunity to be enrolled in different Universities, and to the valuable chance of sharing time (and life) with a wide cultural student group, Global Studies has helped me to gain a critical and embracing sense of the heterogeneity of values on life and to understand the challenging and core task of education to respect and promote those."

Aurora López Fogués
Leipzig, Wroclaw 

"The term ‘Global’ in the Erasmus Mundus Global Studies attracted and persuaded me the most to participate in the programme. Studying at two partner Universities in two different European countries has just been a wonderful experience. I still remember my very first session at the University of Vienna, sitting amidst a diverse group hailing from different corners of the globe, it was indeed a global moment for me as I said to myself, ‘oh, it’s going to be just great!’ In the study program, I particularly enjoyed the debates of globalization and its effects on regions, societies, environment and individuals from various angles and standpoints. I think the EMGS program is a unique space for exchanging ideas, creativity and research!"

Sangeetha Parthasarathi
Vienna, Leipzig