Joint Partnership Projects

Processes and actors of globalisation and Europeanisation cannot be studied in depth within the limits of one academic discipline, it needs draw for various perspectives, theories and methodological approaches. Yet for most part, interdisciplinarity is rarely found and practiced since scholars work in separate institutions, which do not facilitate cooperation. 

Contrary to this trend many of the projects run by the institute (some being supervised, some being coordinating and some as part of) are cooperative ones. The information that follows gives an overview of partnerships at the local, national and international level. It shows the involvement of scholars working at the GESI in several large-scale and long-running projects, some of them based at the University of Leipzig or at its partner universities, others undertaking within the framework of consortia and international networks.

These joint projects in longstanding partnerships give the research and teaching at the GESI its particular shape and intellectual dynamic. We are deeply grateful for the enriching experience of working together at the crossing of disciplinary and national boundaries and thank our partners for their commitment.