ENIUGH Congresses

GESI as the headquarters of the European Network in Universal and Global History supports the tri-annual conferences of the network. The previous European Congresses on World and Global History (2005: Leipzig; 2008: Dresden; 2011: London) were major events also in the institute’s history. The next ENIUGH-congress will take place in Paris at the École normale supérieure and supported by the labex TransferS.

Under the theme “Encounters, Circulations and Conflicts”, the problematic opposition of centres and peripheries, which is still influential in historical research, will be challenged. The multitude of places and centres from where history is written and the plurality of the languages in which historical artefacts are conveyed will be analysed. We hope to stimulate a discussion on the meaning and relevance of relations, comparisons, transfers, and entanglements between states, peoples, communities, and individuals in a ‘long durée’ perspective.

For further information about the congress and ENIUGH, please contact: Michel Espagne, Steffi Marung and Katja Naumann at congress(at)eniugh.org. Furthermore, regularly updated information will be made available on the congress website www.eniugh.org/congress