The Global and European Studies Institute (GESI) is part of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Philosophy of the University of Leipzig and devoted to graduate teaching and research in the field of Globalisation and Europeanisation. It works at the cross-roads of several disciplines and aims at an analytical interpretation of the global condition in which we live. We do so by studying its emergence over and by examining the reciprocity of increasing flows of people, goods, capital and ideas transcending traditional borders of political, economic and cultural units on the one hand and to changing attempts of gaining control over these flows on the other hand. ... read more 

News from the GESI

Workshop: Imagination of Space –Text, Image and Map in relation, 1st/ 2nd March 2017 in Leipzig

Several Projects of the Collaborative Research Centre 1199 are organising a workshop on the imagination of space in the context of globalization.[more]

Call for Papers: Conference for Practises and processes of space-making under the global condition

The Collaborative Research Centre (SFB) 1199 is calling for papers for its second annual conference “Processes of Globalization under the Global Condition”, which analyses the role of actors and their activities in[more]

Call for Applications: Coaching for PostDocs – Funding Applications and Project Proposals

The Leibniz ScienceCampus Eastern Europe – Global Area (Germany) is inviting for applications for a research/coaching period in Leipzig, Halle or Jena.[more]

Essay on Transdisciplinarity published by University of California, Santa Barabara (UCSB)

The UCSB researchers Eve Darian-Smith and Phil McCarty have just published an article on transdisciplinarity in an open access journal [more]

Call for Papers for the ESSHC World History Network: Endings in World and Global History

The Twelfth European Social Science History Conference, organized by the International lnstitute of Social History will be taking place 4th - 7th[more]

Foundation of “Forum for the Study of the Global Condition”, 1st December 2016

The Universities of Leipzig, Halle-Wittenberg, Jena and Erfurt are establishing a collective research forum for Social Sciences and Humanities starting 1st December 2016 entitled ‘Forum for the Study of the Global Condition’[more]

Interview with Professor Troebst about Democracy in Central and Eastern Europe

The MDR interviewed Professor Troebst on the occasion of the International Day of Democracy on September 15th about the current political situation in Central and Eastern Europe.[more]

Prof. Dr. Hartmut Elsenhans on Youtube

An interview with Prof. Dr. Hartmut Elsenhans on a European Union of the Nations and Regions and a potential Brexit is now available on youtube. [more]